All About Sarah

Sarah Holden

Syracuse University

Loves to Run:  Marathon, 5k, Triathlon, DI Lacrosse

How did you start running?

When I played lacrosse there was so much running, but mostly sprints.  My college graduation present was signing up for the Philadelphia Marathon 2012, with my brother. 

I thought that it would be so nice to train together, but then he moved away.  My training plan was very strict, but my brother was caught up in work.  A month before the race, he sprained his ankle and it was craziness.  We started the marathon together, but I beat him! 

My goal was to run under 4 hours and I finished in 3:59, my brother ran 4:20! 


What is your most memorable moment, running?

The moment I crossed the Philadelphia Marathon finish-line and saw my entire family, with all of my Syracuse Lacrosse teammates!


How did lacrosse change your life?

I started playing lacrosse in the sixth grade.  My dream was always to play Division-I.  I played lacrosse for Syracuse University, all four years of college.  The first two years I worked very hard, and my junior year I started seeing action in games. 

My senior year, we made it to the Division I NCAA National Championships!  Having the most prestigious game be the final of my collegiate years, was incredible.  I just loved every second of it, playing with all my best friends! 


What was your lacrosse number at Syracuse?

17!  I chose this number because my uncle and I share the same birthday, July 17.  After my uncle passed away, playing as #17 was such a special way to honor his memory. 


Did you enjoy coaching lacrosse, collegiately?

I loved coaching for Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island.   Academics are so challenging for student-athletes, all of those girls truly committed to the team.  It was a truly amazing experience.


What was it like to compete in a Ragnar Relay?

Last May, I ran in the Cape Cod Ragnar Relay.  My lacrosse friend entered a team, but one of the girls dropped out so I filled in!  We had 12 runners with only one van, and it was an interesting weekend! 

Everything started in Hull Ma and ended in Provence Town Ma.  I ran leg 8 at 2am, and it was so nerve-wrecking to run alone in the dark.  I worked really hard to catch up to a man wearing a headlight, we ended up running the final stretch together. 

The course was absolutely beautiful.


How did you get into triathlons?

I loved the competitive aspect of lacrosse, and playing for all of the fans.  That competitive edge, sparked my interest in triathlons. 

One of my good friends completed her first full-ironman and suggested the half-ironman. 

Despite not being a strong swimmer, I signed up and trained an entire year.  I competed in the Timberman Triathlon, in New Hampshire. 


What is a typical week of training like?

When training for a marathon, I run every day of the week.  Triathlon training mixes everything up a little.  Sometimes I have two workouts a day, swimming in the morning and running at night. 


What is your favorite way to cross-train?

Lifting is huge!  While playing lacrosse at Syracuse, I was taught proper technique for lifting.  Lifting, is something that I seriously enjoy doing.  Lately, I have been working on stretching and foam rolling.  I love going outside to hike and explore.


Who are your greatest supporters?

My family, has always been my support system from lacrosse onto the marathon.  I have a special story about Fleet Feet.  The first time I went to Fleet Feet, I met the store-owner Ed.  Ed fit me for my sneakers and became my running mentor.  We still keep in touch!   


What is your typical diet?

I love food!  My diet is different depending on my training.  In training, I eat all high-protein and very lean. The breakfast go-to is always eggs, my absolute favorite.  My boyfriend is Greek, so Greek food is always good!


What are your favorite accessories and apparel?

I really love running in Brooks sneakers with Nike leggings and tops. I use a Garmin Stopwatch, too!


Where are your favorite places to run?

I am not too picky.  I would definitely choose a back-country road over a busy street in the city.  Sometimes, I run along bike paths and explore new straights!  


Do you have any advice for other athletes?

Just keep going, it is all worth it!  



Photography, courtesy of Sarah Holden.