Morgan Rocheleau

University of Maine

Loves to Run: Marathons, half marathons and 5k's



How did you start running?

I started running for weight management.  In my early college years, I was not living a very healthy lifestyle.  My weight peaked at 310 pounds from eating unhealthy foods and drinking beer. 

Junior year, I lived with my buddies on the cross-country and track team. 

My friends motivated me to start running one mile every day.  I lost over 100 pounds, just from running.  Ever since college, I have been a very dedicated runner. 


What is your favorite sport, other than running?

During college I was really involved with my club basketball team.   Basketball, is definitely my favorite sport!


How does running make you feel?

Running is an escape from reality, a time to enjoy nature and one of the best ways to socialize.  Every day when I go for an afternoon run with my buddy, we talk about everything from work to what we are going to eat for dinner.  Having a running buddy is terrific! 


What motivated you to run your first marathon?

When I was in college, I told someone at the gym that I am a runner.  He looked at me, and replied, “You are never going to run a marathon.”  That stayed with me for years, and was my motivation to run the Maine Marathon at age 29. 


How did your first marathon go?

My first marathon was the Maine Marathon.  I felt a little naïve running that distance the first time.  My dad gave me one gel during the race, and that was my only fuel.  I put my gel in the shorts pocket, with the plan to take it at the next water station. 

When I reached into my pocket, I realized that my dad had already opened the packet for me, and the entire sugar- mixture exploded everywhere.  It solidified on my skin, I started chafing and bleeding...  The last ten miles, I was just trying to get the gel off of my skin! 

I remember finishing the first half of my marathon in 2:01, feeling strong.  At the finish-line, my students and entire family were waiting for me.  I finished in 4:13!


What was your most bizarre running scenario, ever?

Once, I ran laps on the hotel stair-well late at night.  I was on a business conference weekend, and very devoted to my training plan.  


What is your diet like?

Every day, I have a supplement protein shake.  I try to eat a salad with every color of the rainbow in vegetables!  After running, I snack on a banana with peanut-butter.  Almonds are great for munching throughout the day.  


Who are your greatest supporters?

There have been so many people throughout the years.  I love running with my buddy, every day.  The first glimpse that I had into the wonderful running community, was back in grad-school. 

I ran a 10k road-race with my girlfriend.  After I finished the race, a man came up to let me know he thought that I looked strong out there.  In my marathon, the crowd cheered and really kept me motivated to finish. 

After my races, I always thank people for cheering me on.  The running world is full of great people, who really support each other.


How did your first long run feel?

When I was training for my marathon, the first twenty mile run was crazy.  I stopped for a break because I was so tired, and could not start running again.  I literally walked the last three miles.  This is how I knew in my marathon to run all the way through, no walking.  


What is your favorite running apparel?

I wear long Nike shorts and tee-shirts. Nike is my favorite.


How do you strength-train?

I lift weights three-times every week, plank, and do push-ups.  Lately, I have been doing yoga and it is helping my flexibility immensely.


Races you are looking forward to running?

I am signed up for some Ragnar Relays and 5k’s this year!



Photography, courtesy of Morgan Rocheleau.

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