Saint Bonaventure University

Bachelor of Science in Biology

Graduate Student of SUNY ESF

Associate BioPharmaceutical Scientist

LOVES TO RUN:  Division I Cross-Country and Track, 15k's and 5k's

Kim is the 1st from the left!

Kim is the 1st from the left!


How did you start running?

After running in my Sixth Grade Olympic track event, I decided to join the modified cross-country team in seventh grade.  Running went so well, I actually quit soccer for cross-country. 


When did you seriously, fall in love with running?

During a cross-country practice, probably my sophomore year of high school, we were running four-miles at race-pace and I reached my first runners-high.  I could have just kept running for hours! 


How did you decide to run cross-country in college?

I always wanted to go to Saint Bonaventure University, because of the legacy.  My grandfather, dad, aunt, and sister Amanda all went to Bonas.  When we finally went for my official visit, I fell in love with the campus, and thought it was a good idea to meet with the cross-country coach. 

We arrived to the XC office, whilst the coach was talking to another recruit, Caitlin.  Unknowingly, I interrupted her big meeting with the coach!!  She gave me a death glare!  Too, funny. 

Saint Bonaventure, gave me all sorts of academic scholarships.  Originally, freshman year, I was going to stick to pure academia and put my running sneakers away. 

Once I was settled in on campus for my first fall semester, Caitlin, asked me if I was running cross-country.  When I told her no, she said that I had to join because the team really needed me.  So, I decided to run cross-country!  Caitlin, has been my best friend ever since!  The university, even gave me a cross-country scholarship.  Becoming a Cross-Country Bonnie, is one of the best things that has ever happened to me.


How did running cross-country in college, influence your life?

Running, equipped me with self-discipline and focus that really helped with excelling in all different aspects of life.  I learned how to balance all of my school work, running career and social life in an efficient way.  My teammates truly became my bestfriends.


Any favorite memories, from running with your bestfriends?

My two closest friends, Caitlin and Ashley, not only were my teammates, but also my roommates. I loved those weekends that we would go out for breakfast and then have our ritual roomy run!  We always ran on a trail along the Allegany River and explored the woods around campus.


How does it feel, being a Bonnie?

Being a Bonnie, is like being in a little community, a little bubble.  The Bonnie Bubble!  You have a certain connection with someone, when you say you are a Bonnie.  It is a great little family community, where everyone loves each other.


What was your favorite part about being on the team?

Traveling to other colleges around the country was incredible.  We went to Notre Dame, such a gorgeous campus!  I also really enjoyed beautiful, Charlotte, North Carolina.  My favorite trip was to Saint Louis!  We went up in the Arch, absolutely terrified out of our minds!  Then, the team took pictures all around Saint Louis, as tourists.  The race, on the other hand, was actually the muddiest course I ever ran!  After every race, we went to our favorite restaurant, Olive Garden.  The endless pasta bowl, yum! :D


Did you do anything special before a race?

The team would huddle, and say a prayer like Hail Mary.  If there was a home meet, we always had a spaghetti dinner the night before with our entire team and coaches.   One time we had a meet near an outlet mall, and we convinced our coach to take us shopping!


What was your favorite home meet?

Little three, with Niagara and Canisius!  That was always so much fun, everyone received a finisher shirt afterwards.


What is your favorite running apparel?

Always and forever, I will run in Asics and Brookes sneakers!  Those are my definite go to brands.  If I am  running in cold, the best is always Under Armour apparel, shorts over running tights!  In warmer months, I want to wear as minimal clothing as possible with everything very tight fit.  My absolute favorite running tank top is a very light, breathable fabric. 


How do you cross-fit?

Barre classes are the best.   Ballet, was my passion for such a long time.  Incorporating dance techniques with my training makes me very happy.  Every week, I need to take my Barre classes!  Strength and Flexibility!!


What do you wear to Barre?

Everything lulu lemon, with my special dance sox! 


How do you style your hair?

I throw it up in a ballerina bun, pony tail, anything to keep hair out of my face!


Do you have a running bucket-list?

Yes!! I would absolutely love to run the Disney Princess Half-Marathon one day.  I also hope to run a 5k, everywhere I travel!  My upcoming races are the Seneca Seven, with all of my friends from work.  Then, the Race for the Cure 5k and Boiler Maker 15k this summer!




Photography, courtesy of Kimberly Fuller.



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