Chris Stogsdill

Iona College

Stotan Racing Team  

Loves to run : 1500m, 5k and mile




What are your running aspirations?

The 1500m, 5k, and mile events have always been my favorites.  After, sitting down with my coach and discussing my progress, we have made goals for the next two years.

I am hoping to qualify for Olympic Trials, the summer of 2016.  In 2017, I hope to compete in the USA Championships to qualify for Worlds.


What are some of your Personal Records?

  • 1500: 3:44
  • Mile: 4:06
  • 3k:  8:18
  • 8k: 24:11
  • 10k: 30:36


Who are your greatest supporters?

My parents let me come home after college to pursue my professional running career.  My family has been there from the very beginning, cheering me on.  My girlfriend Kayla, is always there for comfort and support.  I am so blessed to have such an amazing support system.


How did you choose Iona College?

Overall, Iona College was the best decision for me both academically and athletically. My high school coach, Coach Jenson, and Coach Ricardo of Iona College sat down with me to discuss my running future over dinner.  

Coach Ricardo, expressed his enthusiasm to be my collegiate coach and made me feel like I was not just another pair of legs.  It meant so much that he traveled all the way to Upstate NY just to meet for dinner and he truly wanted me to run for Iona College.  


What is it like to run on the Stotan Racing team?

Stotan Racing, is a Nike sponsored running club.  The Stotan training week, starts on Monday with a 12-14 mile workout. 

Tuesday is an easy day.

Wednesday, is 11-14 miles.

Thursday and Friday, are recovery days.

Saturday, is the 18 mile long-run. 

Sunday, is an easy 7 mile run.

Typically, we run 85-90 miles every week.  It’s awesome to train with such an amazing team and I really enjoy competing in the meets.


Do you enjoy traveling to your meets?

Yes, I enjoy traveling to my races.   Most of my meets are in NYC and Boston.  Over the summer, I competed in some road races like the 8k in Chittenango, Cazenovia 10 miler on the 4th of July, and Plattsburgh 8k.


How did you start running?

When I was in seventh grade my parents told me, no football.  It was a toss-up between cross-country and soccer.  I decided to run on the cross-country team, and never looked back.


How did it feel once you found your sport?

I found validation through running, and felt confident after being recognized in my sport.


What was it like to be ahead of the pack in your races?

In the beginning of my cross-country career, I always thought that I must have been running in the wrong direction.  I would turn around, find everyone else in the race and realized that I was not lost.  It really made me appreciate my potential to excel in running.


At what point did your competition become intense?

Half-way through high-school, my competition became more intense.  My life-style changed immensely.  I made sure to eat healthy and add extra miles on every week.


What keeps you motivated?

I am motivated by my competition to push myself to my limits, become stronger, and reach my full potential.


What is your typical diet?

When I was in high-school, the night before every race I always ordered a pizza.  Later on in my career, my coach encouraged me to start eating right and not just order pizza. 

Now, the night before a race, I like to have a bowl of pasta without anything extra.  The morning of a race, I typically eat half a plain-bagel or a piece of toast.  My go to for munching, is always small rice-cakes or Ritz-crackers.


What is your favorite workout?

My favorite in college was going to, Long Island Sound for pyramid workouts.  We would build from an 800m distance to a 2k, then work our way back down.  

Currently, I enjoy doing reps of 400’s behind Green Lakes in Upstate NY.  The speed and turnover from running on soft surfaces improves footing immensely.  


What is your favorite running gear?

My go to trainer is always the Nike Zoom Elite 8. This sneaker is lightweight, but still strong enough to endure the long-runs.   As far as clothes go, I am not very picky. 

During summertime, I just wear split shorts and trainers.  My favorite running shirt for the cooler seasons, is a long-sleeve Mizuno thermal.


Where are your favorite places to run?

I love to run through Baltimore Woods in Marcellus NY, the back-roads going into Skaneateles and along the Pike-Line. During college, I enjoyed running through the long-trails at the Rockefeller State Park in Sleepy Hollow.


How does coaching Aim-High make you feel?

Amazing! Every year, is better than the year before.  During high-school, I attended Aim-High Summer Camp every summer and presently being a coach has made everything come full-circle.

When runners come to Aim-High, they make friends they will have forever.  Negativity goes away, and everyone is always running happy. The staff does a great job of setting the tone, and bringing the camp together. 

The Central NY high school and college running scene become one unit and it’s truly a spectacular program to be a part of.  Running is such a great sport because of the positive community.


Photography: Courtesy of Chris Stogsdill.

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