Megan Kaminska

Team BIDMC: Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Training for the Boston Marathon 2016

Cornell University: Finance and Marketing

Loves to Run: Ragnar Relay, Sprint-Triathlon and Half-Marathon



What is your inspiration for running the Boston Marathon in 2016?

I have been given a once in a lifetime opportunity to run the Boston Marathon, for the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.  The hospital has a total of six teams participating in the marathon and I am running for, Team Bowdoin Street Healthy Champions Program. 

The focus of this program is to educate every child about nutrition, fitness, community-building and maintaining a healthful lifestyle.  The Bowdoin Street Healthy Champions Program, supports economically deprived youth to be happy, healthy and alive. 


How did you become involved with your cause?

Currently, I am a professional fundraiser for the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.  My job is to meet with patients and physicians doing research, to help others be philanthropic. 

Everyone in my office, encouraged me to submit an application to run the Boston Marathon.  Shortly after submitting my application, I was placed on Team Bowdoin Street Healthy Champions Program. 

I truly have an adoration for children, and passion of educating the youth to live a healthful lifestyle.


What are your goals for the Boston Marathon?

I hope to reach my fundraising goal of $7500, for the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.  Finishing the 26.2 mile course, will be such a huge accomplishment.


When will your marathon training officially begin?

January!  My team has a coach and we will all train together. I hope that this winter is not as brutal as the last. 

There was seven feet of snow, covering the sidewalks.  Everyone training for Boston 2015, ran in the middle of the streets!


Where are your favorite places to run in Boston?

Minute-Man Bike Path!  The path is ten miles out, ten miles back, flat, and there is no vehicle traffic.  I also enjoy, the Middlesex Reservation on weekends. 

Depending on the darkness, I run home from work five-miles every day.  I have a zip-belt for my keys and credit cards.


What is your favorite way to stay active?

I absolutely love to play soccer.  Every week, I play league soccer with the Boston Ski and Sports Club. 

Soccer, is a sport that brings together people of all different shapes and sizes.  The teams are co-ed, and I am always being recruited to keep an even number of women in the game!


Do you enjoy coaching youth soccer!?

Yes!  When I moved to Boston, I thought coaching a soccer team would be a fun way to become involved in the community. 

My players are six years old and very funny.  We are the Tiger Sharks! They love chocolate milk, it is their special treat after every game.


How were your Ragner Relay experiences?

The Adirondack Ragnar is a 200 mile, twelve-person relay, I have been running for the past two years.  My team had two vans, both full of six people.  We ran from Saratoga Springs to Lake Placid, and had the most incredible time! 

The Ragnar, is not all about racing, it’s more for commemorating being on a team and enjoying the miles.  I just registered my team to run the Cape-Cod Ragnar, this upcoming May!


How were your Sprint-Triathlon experiences?

When I was still studying at Cornell, my dad drove up to Ithaca so we could have long bike rides together.  After all of our biking adventures, I signed up for my first sprint-triathlon in 2012.

 I have completed the, Finger Lakes Sprint Triathlon, for three years in a row.  It is grueling, to do three different activities during one event.  I love running and biking, but swimming can be a challenge. 

Growing up on a lake I always swam, but never competitively until my triathlons.  Every year, I have placed in my age-group!


How were your Half-Marathon experiences?

I ran the Empire State Half-Marathon twice, in 2012 and 2013.  It is a flat course down and back.  I enjoyed my training runs with friends and family, very much. 

When I crossed the finish-line, both times, I felt exhilarated.  My time improved by ten minutes, the second time around!


Who are your greatest supporters?

My family, have always been there to cheer me on! I need to know that my parents and sister are waiting for me at the finish-line.  They keep me very motivated. 


How long have you been involved with yoga?

My first class was two years ago, at a fantastic yoga studio in Ithaca NY.  Ever since then, I have been hitting a yoga studio 2-3 times a week. 

My favorite is knowing and fluidly transitioning through all the positions in class.  Recently, I tried something that was not quite hott-yoga, but simply toasty-warm.  I am a yogi!


What is your favorite running apparel?

I just bought a pair of new Saucony sneakers!  My favorite running tee’s and tanks are Nike.  In the winter, I always wear the Under-Armor thermal leggings. 


What are your favorite foods?

I love food.  There are all sorts of healthy recipes I whip up for dinner or work, with veggies. Almond milk is always my go-to beverage. 

Though, I am a dreaded sugar-candy addict and I eat way too much sugar!  Lately, I have been using sugar as my reward after working out.


How do you fuel, while running?

Watermelon flavored Sports-Beans are my favorite. They are so hard to eat on the run, usually I just swallow them whole. 

I like to call Sports-Beans "MAGIC BEANS" because after I started eating them my half-marathon time improved by ten minutes!




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Photography, courtesy of Megan Kaminska.