All About Jesse Garn

Binghamton University

Studying: Biochemistry

Loves to Run: Cross-Country and Track




What is it like to be an elite-runner and full-time college student?

I have done my best to make sure that class-time and scheduled practice-time do not conflict, but there are some cases where it is simply unavoidable.  If it does happen, I find time to practice in the mornings before class.  Overall, I have been successful both on the track, and in the classroom.


What are your PR’s?

  • Mile 3:58.37
  • 800 1:46.98


What is your favorite distance?

The 800m is definitely my favorite.  It is short-lived, but a lot can happen in the two-lap race.  Keeps things interesting.


What is your favorite race, ever?

Running the Wanamaker Mile, in the Millrose Games is extremely memorable.  It is a highly regarded race.  I raced with the best collegiate, and professional runners in the business.


What is your favorite song to run to?

No favorite song in particular, music could range from classical to heavy-metal.


How did you feel after running a sub-4 minute mile?

The day I broke the 4-minute mile, is very vivid in my mind.  The race itself took an enormous physical toll.  Knowing that I achieved that feat, made the pain worth it.


What was it like to compete in the USATF Championship?

I have competed in the USATF Outdoor Championships twice.  Both times have been extremely nerve-wracking.  I can usually cope with the pressure of race day, and intense competition.


What is it like to train at the Lake Placid, Olympic Training Center?

I spent two weeks this summer in Lake Placid, and the atmosphere is incredible. The staff at the Olympic Training Center is extremely professional, and there are many scenic places for running.  My favorite, is running around Mirror Lake through the town.


What is a typical week of training like at, Lake Placid?

My summer training has been straight-forward.  Simply, building up distance runs and getting the miles in.


What are your running aspirations?

The goal right now is to qualify for the 2016 Olympic Trials, in either the 800m or 1500m.  Along the way, earning a few more All-American statuses would be huge.


Who are your greatest supporters?

My parents, coaches and teammates do a phenomenal job of believing in me and my dreams.  Before the NCAA's, my mom wrote this amazing poem,



When you were 9 months old

You won your first race

It was a diaper derby

But still a good pace!


Dad at the starting line

Mom at the finish with a bell

What the future would hold

Only God could tell!


It was that same night

God placed on your heart the desire

You started to walk and then ran

Your feet were on fire!


You've nurtured that gift

With blood, sweat and tears

With miles and experiences

Over the years!


Modified and high school

Then off to BU

The sky was the limit

To what you could do!


Meets at Leagues and Sectionals

Then off to New York States

Next Conferences, Regionals,

USA Champs, now the NCAA's!


God bless you! We love you!

Good luck and have fun!

Oh and one more thing


Love Mama Garn


What is the greatest advice a coach has ever given you?

The best advice I have been given is, "You will learn the most on your worst days.”  It is very true, I am progressively learning from race experience and strategy.


What are your favorite foods to eat before a race?

I usually stick with Subway as my pre-race meal.  Leading up to the race itself, I always snack on goldfish, and granola bars.


What sneakers do you typically wear for track?

I train in Nike Pegasus Trainers, and race in Nike Victory's.


Other than running, what activities do you like to do?

School keeps me busy for the most part.  In my free-time, I enjoy learning guitar and going to see live music.


Do you have advice for rising-running-stars?

My advice is to be patient, especially with those coming back from an injury.  You cannot have results in distance running, overnight.  I just concluded my tenth year of running. It has taken a long time, to reach my level of competiveness and success.



Poetry, written by Elizabeth Garn.

Photography, courtesy of Jesse Garn.