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Loves to Run: 5k-Marathon



How did you start your fitness journey?

After graduating from college, I worked very hard to become the healthiest version of myself. 

I always thought that you had to eat boring food and spend hours working out.  Then, I started drinking Shakeology and exercising thirty minutes every day.  

There is nothing more motivating than a goal.  I always try smaller short-term goals.  I make a lot of vision boards with recipes, exercises and fitness tips.  When I have a vision of how I want to be healthy, I can avoid mindless snacking and take-out.  Vision boards keep me moving!


What are some of you favorite recipes?

I am obsessed with the kitchen and cook all of the time! 

I make risotto out of quinoa with chicken or shrimp.  There’s a delicious one-pan Mexican quinoa dish with corn, cilantro, jalapenos, and chicken.


How was your first half-marathon?

I signed up for the NYC Half-Marathon in 2014.  It was emotional.  I was not running for time, I just wanted to run the whole time.

My fiancé's family came to watch me at mile 7, running through Times Square.  The busiest part of Manhattan was cleared out just for us runners!

When I crossed the finish-line, I could not believe I had done it!  I think that is something to be really proud of, accomplishing a race like that! 


How were your other half-marathon experiences?

Running in Philly, is very cool.  I ran with my fast friends, which was a nice push.  The second half of the race was all up hill.  Great course, great vibe.  Loved the run, even though it was a freezing 22 degrees!

I love the race here in beautiful Saint Petersburg, Florida.  There are no waves, everyone starts at the same time.  My fiancé was the only one who could come, and was kind of my coach!

I set my PR in Brooklyn last May! Brooklyn was a very cool experience.


Do you run with a club?

My running club in Florida meets a couple times every week downtown by the water.  Then, everyone meets for happy hour!

I love running where I live.  There are two big lakes, with lots of gators and birds to see!  It is very entertaining.


What is your favorite distance?

6 miles!


What type of sneakers do you wear?

Brookes! They are pink, grey, and teal with extra cushion.


What do you like to wear running?

Tank top and sports-bra with shorts!


What are your running goals for the future?

Next January, I hope to run the marathon in Key West, Florida!

I put my name in the NYC Marathon Lotto with my friends and we are running the 2016 NYC Marathon!


Do you have advice for other runners?

Run for the joy of the process. 



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