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How did you start running?

My coach is very active in running and triathlons.  We started to meet up weekly for swimming, biking and running.  I really enjoyed the running, but I used to hate running.  When I started learning how to run properly and pace myself, I decided to run in races. 


What is your program, Blind Hockey?

Hockey is my favorite sport.  I have been playing my entire life.  Growing up, I was always playing ice-hockey outside with my brothers. 

When I was a teenager, I was having trouble seeing in school.  At first, I thought I just need glasses.  Then, it turned out that I have a genetic condition and degenerative vision loss.

Blind Hockey, is a program for people with low vision across the US and Canada.  We have a full competitive Canadian team and 7-8 US teams with a large base in DC.  It is hard to find people, because starting a new sport makes them anxious.

We skate from September to late March and sometimes early April.

My sister has the same condition too.  It helped when she first played in Canada, to not be the minority but the majority.  Disability will never stop us. 

I am not completely blind, this picture of a horse depicts my vision.


What is your favorite part about hockey?  

Hockey is fun!  We have one huge game in Toronto every year.  This year, there were 86 registered blind players.  Recreational divisions and competitive divisions are available. We have to classify based on our vision and skill level.  I was the only female American in the competitive division.

I love being able to play competitive hockey, again. I am 5ft and 115lbs.  Hockey makes me stronger and work harder. 


How are your progressing as a runner?

I started out training for Tough Mudder’s, with a soft spot for military fundraising.  Training for those races really got me into running.

Last November, I ran my first half-marathon with a couple 5k’s and 10k’s.  My coach guided was running alongside me the entire time.  When I was training, my coach always sent me fun little workouts and tracked my progress!


How was your half-marathon?

The Harbor Side Half Marathon, in Newburyport Massachusetts outside of Boston, was like a loop!  We ran out and back.   I reached my goal, running under two hours! 


What is a typical week of training for you?

25-30 miles a week!


Where are your favorite places to run?

I go on a bike trail that runs from Putnam County NY, all the way down to Westchester NY.  Sometimes I run hill repeats, up three times and down three times.  It burns a lot! 

I love to run at SUNY Purchase, it is a very nice college campus.  The outside loop is exactly three miles, people run and walk.  I run the loop 1-3 times.    


What are your running goals for the future?

My friend and I threw our names in the NYC Marathon Lotto.  We have been selected!  


What type of sneakers do you wear?

I actually wear Topo athletic sneakers.  They are super light, I have never had a problem!


How does running make you feel?

Running is a mind clearing thing for me. I might not enjoy it in the moment, it’s afterwards, that push to the end makes it completely worth it.


Do you have a motto?

During this whole time of getting into running and the hockey really taking off last year, I was going through a divorce.  It has been hard and I found a quote, “Better than yesterday, worse than tomorrow.”

I ran through my divorce.  When I went to Boston for my first half-marathon, it was one of the first trips that I did completely on my own!  I took a train to Boston.  I was really independent, it was a big step. Running has helped so much.


Do you have advice for other runners?

Always do what you love and never let anything get in the way.   Listen to your body, continue doing what you love.  I love adventure, exploring and doing!

Surround yourself with positive people. I would be nowhere without my family and a few very close friends, who are essentially my family


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