All About Sydney

Colorado State University

Rock'n'Roll Marathon ROCKSTAR

Loves to run: Marathon, 5k, 10k


How did you start running?

During high-school, I ran cross-country to stay in shape for soccer.  Freshman year, I hated running XC, but knew I had to do the conditioning.  Sophomore year, I improved my 5k PR of 29 minutes all the way to 21 minutes.  My coach promoted me to varsity the next season.  Senior year, I loved it!


How do you balance college with running?

I use running as a study-break!  Usually, I finish my running by 4:00.  Days I have too much homework, I finish everything and go run treadmill at the gym. 


Who are your greatest supporters?

Both of my parents are extremely supportive of my running ambitions!  My high-school cross-country coach still checks in, to make sure I keep running.


How did you decide to run a full-marathon?

Hannah and I have known each other since we were five-years-old.  The two of us, have been going to school together since kindergarten.  Right after high-school, we talked about running a 5k or 10k, then Hannah decided to train for a full-marathon.  My reaction was, "OMG! I guess we can do that instead!"    


Which marathon did you run?!

Rock’n’Roll Denver!!!


Was it fun marathon training with a friend?

We ran our first practice together, but then started training separately.  Hannah is a morning person, while I enjoy running in the afternoon.  We texted all the time, linked up the Nike Running App together, and kept each other accountable for our training.


How did you set-up your training plan?

We used the Nike Running App, and loved it. 


What is your favorite work-out?

I run three miles, inside or outside, and do 30 minutes of cross-training involving upper-body weight work.


How did you feel about the race-course?

Disappointed, because the race was supposed to be all in downtown Denver.  They changed the course, because the city cannot shut down for the duration of a full-marathon.  We ran all the way from the Adams County Fair Grounds, and did not see the city until mile 22!  I was a little sad.  I wanted everything to be prettier, not dry-walk and dry-grass.  However, the crowd was wonderful, with all their fun signs. 


What did you eat the night before your marathon?

Three nights before, I started carb-loading.  Spaghetti the first day, lasagna the next, I just kept carb loading!  My body was not depleted on race-day!


How did you fuel during the race?

Every water-station had energy-gue, which was helpful in the end after running out of my gummies.  My college professor, who has actually won a few marathons, told me to eat some gummies every five miles.  Gels are so disgusting, they are a weird jelly-texture.   


What was your most memorable marathon moment?

Hitting mile 21, I started feeling the pain in my legs, from running for such a long time.  Then something happened, this inner-drive came out the last few miles, I was so close and had to finish my 26.2. 


How did you feel crossing the finish line?

I was very happy crossing that finish-line.  During my four years of cross-country, I never felt as accomplished as I did on the day I ran my first marathon.


How do you cross-train?

I love Yoga and Pilates!


Where is your favorite place to run?

My favorite place to run is the Ralston Creek Trail, up at my high-school.  At first it is on a busy road, then, turns to the trail with big oak-trees and creeks!  It is really nice to see all the people with their dogs.  Scenery on my trail is never boring!


Do you listen to music while running?

Of course, I love music!  My marathon playlist was a collaboration of power-songs, especially, for when I knew I would be tired. 

Sometimes on short-runs I do not listen to music. 

My favorite songs depend on the day.  If I am trying to relax I will listen to the Beetles.  My favorite song for running is, Say My Name, by Odesza.


How do you like to wear your hair, on the run?

My hair needs to be up in a ponytail, sometimes a bun, or else hair will whip me in the eyes!  Braids, always fall out.


Do you love a special pair of sneakers?

Nike Pegasus! I have experienced a lot of shoes, running cross-country.  Brooks were too heavy and gave me shin-splints, even the lightest models.  Nikes are light, comfy and never wear out!  My Nike sneakers, lasted me for more than half of my marathon training.


What do you like to wear running?

That all depends on the time of year!  During the fall, I love leggings and thin long-sleeve pull-overs.  In warmer weather, I am good with a t-shirt and shorts.  


What was your biggest obstacle, as an athlete?

A girl fell on me during a soccer game, and snapped my arm in half.  My arm split a half-inch away from the growth-plate, thankfully I did not need surgery.  It took two years to do pushups, again. 


What is your funniest running story?

One time, I went to practice with my leggings on inside-out.  We ran five miles and no one told me until after practice!  So embarrassing!  


Are you in a running club?

Hopefully, next semester I will join the running club, here on campus!


Any fun races coming up?

Hannah and I are doing a Fro-Yo 10k in May!  It is so exciting, because after all of our long runs, we go out for Fro-Yo!  This race is perfect for us!!


Do you have any advice for other runners?

I recommend wearing very thin athletic socks!  The last week of my training, I found these great socks and did not have any blisters.  Everyone should take care of their feet, because you do not want blisters on marathon day.


Photography, courtesy of Sydney Heuvelman. 




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