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How did you start running?

Running a marathon had always been on my bucket list.  I played soccer my entire life.  This past summer, going into my freshman year of college, I switched gears to long-distance running.

My Beach Body teammate, posted a picture of herself finishing a marathon.  Seeing that picture, really made me feel motivated to run my first marathon.

I decided to run, 26.2, while I am young!


What marathon did you run?

The Rock’ n’ Roll, Denver Marathon!


Did you have a running buddy?

Yes!  My friend Sydney and me trained together and raced together!


How was marathon training?

My marathon was on October 18th.  During the summer, I started training with the Nike running app.  The Nike running app, gave me the best training plan!

Once school started, every day I woke up, went running, showered and made it to class on time!  Whenever I had a long-run, I woke up at 5am.  Completing my long-run early in the morning, gave me freedom for the entire day.  I love watching the sunrise, while running. 


Did you enjoy the marathon?

Yes!  Going into my race, I had three goals. 

  1. Finish. 
  2. Do not stop running. 
  3. Run under 4 hours. 

Happily, I accomplished all three of my goals!


What are your favorite race memories?

The entire marathon, I managed to stay in front of the 4 hour pacer.  Whenever I stopped for a bathroom-break, I always had to run really fast to catch up and pass them! 

At mile 24, I heard something through my headphones and looked back.  The 4-hour pacer was right behind me.  I kicked it into gear the last few miles, and finished in 3:56!


I was running alongside the same guy, on and off throughout my race.  At mile 13.1, we high-fived each other.  It was awesome!


How did you feel during your race?

Pretty good, surprisingly, no side-stitches until mile 22.  I ate my gummies and hydration formulas throughout the 26.2.


How did you feel, crossing the finish-line?

Physically, very tired.  Emotionally, very happy.  My dad was filming my entire race finish!  It felt so special having the marathon medal placed around my neck.  Then,  I grabbed some chocolate-milk and laid down in the grass, to recover.

What motivated you to become a beach-body coach?

My sophomore year of high-school, my soccer coach wanted the team to stay in shape during the off-season.  To stay in shape, I used my mom’s P90X and Insanity workout videos.  That season, I came back stronger and faster, both of my parents as well as teammates noticed a difference. 

Those Beach Body workout videos, fueled my fire, truly making me fall in love with fitness. 

My Beach Body Coach, on Instagram invited me to coach, too! Becoming a coach is probably one of the best decisions I have ever made.  I love helping others reach their goals to be fit and happy.


Where is your absolute favorite place to run?

I love running on a trail near home, Ralston Creek Trail.  I really feel in touch with nature, running on my trail. 


What is your favorite distance to run?

I enjoy running longer distances, because I zone-out and run through some very cool places.


How do you cross-train?

I love my jumble, of different Beach Body workouts.  T25, Asylum, Insanity Max 30…


Do you belong to a running club?

No.  I have thought about joining the Colorado State University Running Club.


What is your favorite apparel?

Totally, I am addicted to Fabletics!  Every month, I have a new outfit coming in the mail.  Those leggings are so cute, such fun patterns.  Love Fabletics!


What type of sneakers do you have?

Newton’s!  They have extra-cushion on the ball of foot which helps me run on my toes.  My sneakers are aqua-green with an orange accent. 


How do you style your hair while running?

While training for my marathon, my hair was longer, I threw it back in a ponytail with a small braid at the end.  Now, that my hair is shorter, all I need is a ponytail.


What are your running goals?

I hope in my next marathon, to run faster and set a new PR. 




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Photography, courtesy of Hannah Lemmons.


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