Dear Runner Lovers,

Yesterday, we drove all the way to Mount Tumble Down and went on a terrific Maine hiking adventure. 

Making the climb to the hard part, loving the views!

This is where we stopped for lunch! After putting peanut-butter on my CLIF Bars for years, I am so happy they finally made this flavor!

Almost half way up!

Before we climbed into and out through the top of a cave! It took a lot of teamwork!

On top of the mountain and it feels so good! We made it alive!

Charlie is king of the mountain!

Charlie is king of the mountain!

Wanna be on top?!

We started to tumble down, Tumble Down Mountain!

We made it down to the pond!

We finished!!! Yay! So proud of all us hikers!

I hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend too!

Happy Hiking!

That Pretty Runner