Dear Runner Lovers,

Happy Fall Y'all!

Today, was perfect for trying out my CozyPhones for the first time!  Here is the verdict!

They sound crisp and clear like  my JBL headphones.  The name is perfect, because they are extremely COZY!  My ears were nice and warm the entire two hours of my run in 45 degree weather with lake wind-chills. I never had to readjust my ear bud placement, because they are nicely secured in the headband.  These CozyPhones looked so AMAZING that boys were screaming complements from their cars, driving by whilst watching me run! I LOVE COZYPHONES!  Everyone whose ears are cold when they run, need these in their life!

This is a Veteran  Owned Company, and everything is made in the USA! Learn more by watching this video:

Please click the link to look into CozyPhones a little bit more! 

Thank you for such a fantastic product CozyPhones!

Happy Running

That Pretty Runner