All About KP Kelly


All About KP Kelly

All About KP Kelly

Business Consultant

Loves to Run: Marathons and More


Running 100 Marathons in 100 Days for 100 Charities!


What is your goal?

I am running a marathon every day, for one-hundred days, for one-hundred different charities!

I picked 12 different cities, across the United States of America.  Each city has an official marathon course, so I will run their course every day. 


What charities are you running for during your 100 marathons in 100 days?

I sent out a call of action to see if there were charities interested in being a part of my 100 Marathons in 100 Days.  I had a lot of requests.  It took a while to choose.  I feel very passionate about helping Veterans, research for Cystic Fibrosis and Alzheimer’s Disease.  I also have ten slots open to work in different causes I hear about along the way, for example if a child needs funding for a surgery.   It is a lot of work organizing all one-hundred fundraisers.  I will be posting everything about this journey on my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. 

My mom has Alzheimer's.  I am fundraising for multiple charities for Alzheimer’s disease. My goal is to make a difference for smaller cities and organizations.  I found local chapters such as the Central Ohio Alzheimer’s Chapter.

I have a nephew with Cystic Fibrosis, and will be focusing on fundraising for this cause.

There will be a fundraiser for the action to help children with severe scars.

I will be fundraising for an organization that gives the homeless running shoes to help them to feel empowered.  Perhaps, I will run with some members for a few hours and hear their stories. 


Have you ever completed a run similar to this before?

At first, I wanted to do a point to point run.  However, that would not work well, because I have to work while I am running.  Running for a different charity every single day involves a lot of promotions and I need internet access. 

I ran up to Ohio twice.  The first time, I did it in 6 days which required running 40 miles a day.  My friend drove alongside me as I was running.  One day, in 96 degree heat, I passed out. Nevertheless, I finished in 22 hours. A year later, I went out for the first time and ran 100 miles in 69.5 hours.  


When did you start running?

My sisters have always been runners, and they signed me up for a 5K.  I love running with my twin sister.

I ran my first marathon when I was 18.

I actually trained on my own for five mile races.  I ran a race in my division training for my first marathon, Chicago.  Then, I did a couple more marathons. Originally, I was running about one or two marathons a year.  Three years ago, I started being an official pacer.  I have never run an Ultra marathon, I have only done them as a pacer. 


How many marathons have you run?

150 marathons!



Do you have a diet planned for your 100 marathons in 100 days?

In preparation of my 100 marathons in 100 days, I consulted a dietitian. As long as I keep my weight loss under 36 pounds, it will be okay.  The goal is to keep my weight loss under 10 pounds a month. 

I need more than the standard gels when I am running.  The recommend daily amount of calories is not enough for me.  I have found if I consume more throughout the run, it helps.  This required me carrying more food.  During my run to Ohio, I carried 64 pounds of gear on my back. 



What are your favorite foods for fuel before all of your running?

Pizza.  I actually have a whole pizza following, because I travel and have so many different varieties. 

I will eat a large pizza every night of my 100 marathons in 100 days. I try to find a healthier crust, limit the cheese and triple the chicken for protein. 


What do you like to have for fuel while running?

I am always trying to find healthy things I enjoy, that will give me the most calories.  For example, I find protein shakes with the highest protein and lowest amount of sugar.


What obstacles have you faced throughout your athletic career?

I was really lucky for a long time, but then I actually broke a bone in the heal of my foot running the Cleveland Marathon.  It was a stress fracture I did not know was there.  Before mile seven, I jumped up on this curve and then noticed it did not feel right.  I tore my LCL.  I have had those in the past two and a half years. Right now, I have the same LCL tear and two small breaks on right foot. 

I would never recommend anyone to run through these types of injuries.  I am lucky they found it and there was a quick recovery. I have also been amazed by the body’s ability to adjust to injuries.   


How do you run through these injuries?

Strong will power and Aleve.  I have a gel cup brace, and I wear an air cast in between running.  Ice and elevation helps. 


What is your favorite distance?

I like 100 miles.  I really want to race it, because I think I may be able to be competitive in 100 milers.   My first run across Ohio, my first hundred was under 20 hours. 

Eventually, I hope to run a 100 mile race on each continent, through five deserts and end with Antarctica. 



What are some of your favorite marathons?  

Chicago is my PR, however I have not done it in 10 years.  I like Chicago because there is tons of fan support!

I love the Boston Marathon, you cannot beat it.

Burlington Vermont is a hidden gem, similar to Boston in elevation. Massive hill at mile 18, scenic all along there and finishes at the original Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Shop.


Do you have a favorite ice cream flavor?

I like coffee flavor with chocolate chips.    


Where is your favorite place to run?

My favorite place to run is around water.  I love to go to a huge city and load up my Camel Back with water and run/walk/jog a bit for five hours.  Mostly, I love doing that along water like a lake, ocean or a river. 


How does running make you feel?

A lot of times it energizes me, and calms me at the same time. I tell people, make sure you make running a part of your every day. 


What do you like to wear running?

I like to wear free gear. Aerotech Designs is a great company, they make custom fit clothes.  They have made a bunch of extra-long shirts for me.  What I have is a bike jersey, really tight in the sleeves with pockets in the back.

I have a really good long tech jacket for once it gets below 25 degrees.  

I like to keep it simple. 


What type of sneakers do you wear?

ASICS GT 2000.  

I wear a size 16, whenever I can find them I stock up.  I have three pairs of black and one pair of lime green.

Every 30 miles of a run, I change my shoes and socks.



Do you have a motto?  

I feel like we are called out to live bold lives, but we try hard not to, because it is more convenient to fit in and do what everyone else does.  My motto is, be bold enough to be yourself. 




Do you have advice for other runners?

With marathons I always tell runners, keep it simple.  Do not over-complicate the process.  Put one foot in front of the other and keep going! 




Photography, courtesy of KP Kelly.

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That Pretty Runner


All About Jesse


All About Jesse




LOVES TO RUN: 800m and Mile


Where are you currently training?

Right now, I am living in White Plains in West Chester New York.  I am training with the New Jersey New York Track Club.

The team is awesome.  I am working every day with guys either on my level or better, at the 800m or mile.  It has been cool having a bunch of guys in it for a common goal, coming together and working hard. 

The team has an incredible coach, Frank Gagliano.  In terms of coaches for USA track and field, he is very well-known and respected.  He has coached so many elite runners and multiple Olympians. My other highly regarded coaches are John Traugman and Tom Nohilly.  Together, these three coach the team.

We meet and just want to get it done.  There is a big transition on the team this year. A lot of turnover, switching into a HOKA based team.  We had to slim down the numbers.  Everyone is really excited to be here.  We have a fantastic opportunity to train as elite athletes, looking ahead to the USA Championships, Olympic Trials in 2020 and everything else along the way.


You should be so proud of everything you have accomplished.  How does it feel to be competing as an elite runner?

It had not even crossed my mind in high school.  At Marcellus, towards the end of my high school career, I really improved a lot finishing as a state champion my senior year.  I knew, I was at the DI level.  Frankly, I was very unfamiliar with the idea of professional running.  Having humble beginnings under Coach Oscar B Jenson,  rising, and constantly improving.  From a high-school runner, to State Champ, All Conference at Binghamton University, All American, running the USA Championships two times, and USA Olympic Trials this year.  Everything has come together.  These experiences have helped me become the athlete I am today and hope to continue being down the road. 


When will your race season begin?  Which races are you most looking forward to running?

I will probably race in Indoor Track, this January.  The indoor season is where I expect to be focusing on running as a middle distance specialist in the 800m, mile and 1500m. 

In training, I have been playing around with off distances like the 600m, 1000m and 4 by 4 relays.  Things you are not used to running as often and it is cool getting different experiences. 

There is always a plan.  The coaches know it is going to be a long racing season.  I am fine with not racing now, because my indoor racing season will go from the end of January to April.  Then, we will have the outdoor season.  Also, this summer the NJ NY Track Club will be racing in Europe.

How has your training progressed?

It is more quality days, strength training and tapping into speed.  I am not concerned about over-training or getting burned out.  It is super early, I am just getting started.

I worked out by myself while running for Binghamton University.  Now, I am always working with people who push you.  There is no limit.  When you get to that point and you work out and think you want to give up, you have someone to push you. 


Outside of running, what have you been doing lately?

Working in a physical therapist office. I have a bachelor’s of science in Biochemistry from Binghamton University.  In the future, I would love to work in the Health and Wellness field.  


What types of sneakers do you wear?

It is great to have the opportunity to work with this company, HOKA.

CLIFTON 3’s.  Lots of cushion taller really thick and they add an inch to my height.  Very light 7-8 ounces.

Totally preference, really. I wear CLIFTON 3’s, for road running and light track stuff, but we also have trail shoes.

CHALLENGER ATR's, are great for running trails.  I have the 2nd and 3rd models.   They are light and very cushiony shoes. 

HOKA flats and spikes are really nice, their flats are my favorite.  The spikes are the lightest.  Out of all the flats HOKA ONE ONE TRACERS, are the best pair I have ever worn.  I wear those for tempo runs and longer interval training, like mile repeats.  Even light 400’s and 1k repeats.  I also have a pair of spikes, but those are more for the 5k.


What are your plans for the future?

My plan is to stick here and run through 2020.  Then, I will take a step back a reassess.   The intensity is so much higher than I have ever been used to, in terms of working out.  It is going to get more structured now.  I am getting so much stronger and I have only been here two months!

Photography and video, courtesy of Jesse Garn.

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All About Brandon


All About Brandon

All About Brandon

New Jersey Runner

Loves to run: 5K to Marathon  


How did you start running?

I tried running in the summer of 1997, but I was not up to sticking to it. I did not have the right shoes, went out in the middle of the heat and was not drinking enough water. Once it became too cold, I stopped.

On 5 September 1998, I decided I was going to be a runner. Then, I ran 1.7 miles without stopping. I did it the next day and the day after. Eight weeks later, I was up to 5 miles at a time and I have not stopped since. I wanted to lose some weight and get into shape. 

Really, I just knew inside that running is what I am supposed to do. I do not know where it came from, but I felt it inside that running was a part of my identity that was trying to surface.

Do you have a special running story?

I think the most special memory I have running is when I crossed the finish line at the Disney Marathon in 2003.

My wife finished right behind me!  It was a surreal moment where all the training and the hard work paid off in this one moment. We hugged, and maybe shed a tear or two.  I will never forget it. It was not about times or pace.  It was both of us doing something we probably never thought we would ever see happen a few years earlier.


What races have you ran?

I have run about sixty races.

  • Two marathons
  • Two 25k’s
  • One Half-Marathon
  • Two 20k’s
  • Three 15k’s
  •  10k’s
  •  5 miler's
  •   5k’s.

Most of the races have been in New Jersey. I have run the Westfield 5 Mile Turkey Trot 10 times and the Spring Lake 5 Miler 8 times. I have done the Atlantic City Marathon and the Jersey Shore Half-Marathon and 10 Miler.  Now that I think about it, I believe I have only run two races outside of the state!

Do you have a pre-race ritual?

I fake stretch. Seriously, I only do it because I feel like I should put in some effort to loosen up. The reality is I am nervous and just want to walk around. It is ridiculous how tense I get before a race. I do not even like to talk to anyone. Then, if I dwell too long on the race beforehand I will have to go the bathroom which causes stress because of the lines that usually accompany the port-a-potties! I do not do well before races. I have no idea why I cannot relax before one.


What races would you like to run in the future?

I want to run two more marathons, but I do not know exactly which ones.

I really love Disney and I want to run some Disney Marathon (Star Wars, Avengers, Villains, it does not matter) but I want to stop and take pictures and really enjoy it. But I also want to push myself to get the best time I am capable of. So, I need to pick another marathon and aim for what I believe I can achieve which is a sub 3:20 time.

This requires a lot of changes to my routine though, so I need to figure it out and plan. These will not happen until 2018, because I have another goal I am wrapping up in 2017 that takes top priority.

Sometime around 2007, I got it in my head to run 20,000 miles before my 20th year of running. At that point. I was around 6,000 miles or so. Prior to 2006, I had never run over 1000 miles in any one year. So, I started mapping out how I could do that.  It required running 1400 miles some years, and 1200 miles most of the other years.  I managed to make up a lot of ground. However, I stopped racing longer distances, just focused on weekly and monthly mileage. Every single week counted.  No breaks.  At the end of 2016, I will be at 18,900, so I am almost there! I do not want to risk injury doing the long runs and recovery, so I need to shelf the marathon goals until 2018. I am looking forward to a goal that involves only 18 weeks of training, instead of 12 years of running!


What is your most memorable running moment?

I have a bunch of truly memorable and great moments running.

My favorite was my half-marathon in May of 2012. I signed up for the race because my wife was running it, and I had never done that specific distance before. I trained by doing two eight-milers and one nine-miler. I was not expecting anything great, but I kind of was aiming for a sub 1:40 time. In the back of my mind I had the number 1:31:42 which was exactly a 7:00 pace. When the race started, I just felt great. Each mile, I was under a 7:00 pace. Everything was working with me; the weather, the music, the atmosphere. I really did not train, I hit a wall at 10 miles and slowed down. When I crossed the finish, I had a time of 1:31:xx but was not sure what my chip would be exactly. Sure enough my official time was 1:31:42! 

My other favorite running moment is running a Leprechaun Leap 5k, back in 2006. I turned the corner, saw the finish and the clock was at 19:xx. I could not quite make out the numbers, so I pushed with everything I had.  I could see the clock 19:50, 19:51, 19:52 and I lunged at the finish and came away with a time of 19:59.7 – an official sub 20 minute 5k!

The same thing happened at the Jersey 10 miler. The clock was at 1:07:xx and I pushed and pushed and crossed at 1:07:59. Nothing like cutting it close!


What is your favorite food?

Ice-cream! I also can eat cereal all day, every day.  Beyond that, I eat a lot of yogurt, spinach and fruit. I do not eat a ton of meat, but I like chicken a lot.  If I go out to eat, my go to meal is chicken parmigiana.


Do you bring anything with you while running?

Yes, I always have music. It is usually an MP3 player. I also run with my phone and the Nike Plus App but with a black screen. I no longer run with a watch or look at times. If I need to train for speed, I usually do it on the treadmill. I do not want to know my pace or anything. I just want to run and see the results after on my Nike App. If I run longer, I do not stay close to home but I do not bring water or food or gels. I am blessed with the ability to sustain runs without that stuff. I am like a camel I guess, hahahah.


What types of sneakers do you wear? 

I have run in Brooks Beast for 16 years. I have weird needs. I have flat feet and land on the back of the shoe but I over-pronate. This shoe meets all those needs.  However, the last generation of the shoe is a little too heavy, so I am going to try out the Brooks Glycerin. We will see how it goes!


Do you run with a club?

I do not run in a club, but I have been so fortunate to meet and run with people. I have had several friends at work over the years that I would run with after work or during lunch.  

Luckily, my wife is a runner and she and I have run together.  Specifically, when we trained for our first marathon back in 2003. I am not sure a club is for me, because I tend to run at 5:00am which is an odd time.  However, I love to talk so running with people is definitely something I would do.


How does running make you feel?

Running is incredible! If my body could take it, I would run every single day. Even though I have my share of aches and pains from 18 years of running, I would not trade it for anything.

More importantly, it makes me a happier person.  I have learned a lot about myself while running, and I definitely know that I can pretty much do whatever I set my mind to and that lesson comes from running. 


Where are your favorite places to run?

I love to run on vacations. We have gone to California and Florida on vacations and the change in scenery is always great. I have run on business trips, such as Arizona, and it just re-energizes everything about running. We typically vacation in North Carolina, at the beach for a couple of weeks each summer and those runs are tough because of the heat and humidity.  I always look forward to them so much!


Do you have a motto or favorite phrase?

I have one, I always try to use when there is a time constraint on running.  When I cannot seem to fit in the mileage I am aiming for. I always say, “Some miles are better than zero miles.” In other words, do not toss the whole run just because you do not have time to fit in all of it.

Another good one is for the times when you just do not feel like running. “Get out and just do a mile and see what happens.” Usually, once you are dressed and you are passing that first mile you will not stop. This is especially handy when the weather is bad outside.


Do you have any advice for other runners?

First off, whether you are new or a veteran runner the key is having a goal. You need a goal, if you are discouraged that you cannot get a time you want, you cannot get started, or do not know where to start.

 Brand new runners should try to run for five consecutive minutes without stopping, instead of trying to hit a mileage total. Veteran runners trying to qualify for Boston but cannot get faster maybe they should modify a training program that meets their needs, instead of following someone else’s. Perhaps you set a time goal for a short distance, and then move on to the bigger distance. I am a big believer that what works for one runner, might not work for another and therefore you need your own goals.  Plus, it is perfectly fine to fail at hitting the goal. Failing is not giving up. They are different things. Do not give up. 






Photography, courtesy of Brandon Borzelli. 






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That Pretty Runner


All About Stevie


All About Stevie

All About Stevie Parks

Future Physical Therapist

Loves to Run:  5k to Marathon

Stevie running a Turkey Trot 1/2 Marathon!!🦃🦃🦃😍

Stevie running a Turkey Trot 1/2 Marathon!!🦃🦃🦃😍



You are truly an inspiration.  What are the words you live by?

Live fearlessly.

I have FEARLESS with a wing, tattooed on my feet.  Even if something scares you, you should do something you love.  It is my tribute to running the Boston Marathon in 2013, the year of the bombing.


How did you start running?

I started running in high school to get into shape, and it escalated from there!

Every day, I would run on the treadmill in my basement for twenty minutes.  Then, I started running with my mom when I was sixteen.  Now, at twenty-five, my mom and I still love running together. 


What were some of your first races?

I started running 5ks around my subdivision.  Nothing too crazy or big, little local 5ks.  Eventually, I went on to join the track team in high-school my senior year.

In 2010 after high-school, I started doing marathons with my mom!


Where is your favorite place to run?

As long as I am outside running, I will be happy.  I like running not on actual trails, but somewhere wooded and calming. 

Lake Shore Drive, in Chicago.  There are usually not as many people out running where I live, versus in Chicago. 

In Illinois, there are very pretty trails.  I love running in the fall with all the foliage. Right now, it is 55 degrees and sunny, I just want to go outside for a run!


It is so special you run with your mom.  How does it feel to run together?

Running with mom is the best.  I love the relationship I have with my mom. 

Running has made us extremely close, it is my little bonding moments with my mom.  If I need to talk, I ask her to go running with me! Even when we are stressed, we run together and clear our heads. 

My favorite running tradition is, everytime I run twenty-miles or my mom runs twenty-miles we get donuts!  So that is probably my favorite thing after a long run, to eat donuts.  We go to Aurora Illinois's Harner’s Bakery, they are phenomenal.  My favorite are vanilla sprinkle donuts. I like cake-donuts that are really thick and the more frosting the better!


What are your favorite races?

I love the Boston Marathon.  For me, it is such a challenging course.  Boston is the ultimate test of strength.  The crowds are insane, there are people lining the entire course. It is the ultimate runners experience.  To have all these people in this city who are all so incredibly proud of you, makes you feel the ultimate feeling after running a marathon.

I love the 15k Hot Chocolate Race in Chicago.  This race is more like a party!

I like the Rock N Roll Vegas half marathon, it is at night on the Las Vegas Strip.  There are bands and it is such a fun race. Everyone dresses up in crazy sparkly outfits, it is a good time. 

I love running the Chicago Marathon, and I want to do it every year I am running!


What is your favorite distance?  

People ask all the time! I like half-marathons the most.  I would say a 15K, but there are not very many of them. Half-marathons happen more often, it is my go to.  I always run them, even while training for a marathon.  You can recover so much faster after a half-marathon than a full-marathon. 


Are you excited for the Boston Marathon this year?

My mom qualified for Boston this year!  We ran the Chicago Marathon together.  It was awesome. There were moments where she would be mad at me because we needed to get this kick in. In the end, she was happy I pushed her a little more.

She has been there for all of my Boston races, so it will be rewarding and an honor to be there with her.  I am so proud of her!


What is your favorite part of the Chicago Marathon?

My favorite part is that you get to see all of the different parts of Chicago.  You run through the entire city! Old Wrigleyville, China Town, Little Italy, and Michigan Ave.  Chicago is a big melting pot of different cultures and different types of people.  When other people are cheering you on and have no idea who you are its exhilarating.  It is such a cool experience to have an entire city cheering you on.


How many marathons have you run?

14 Marathons! 


What do you love to wear running?

I am firm believer in Nike clothes.  Super obsessed with Nike!  Literally, the only thing I wear is Nike clothes. 


What type of sneakers do you like to wear?  

Nike Pegasus Zoom and Lunar Glide.  Pegasus’s have cushion, Glides are light-weight.  I switch back and forth every other year. 

After they wear out, I calculate how much my sneakers are worth per mile!


Do you have a favorite stopwatch?

In 2011, I got my first Garmin.  A month ago, my Garmin broke and my Fitbit broke too.

My mom gave me an Apple Watch for my birthday.  I am so excited!

A lot of running friends like it with the Apple watch, no big changed.  A friend used their Garmin and Apple Watch the same time and said that they received the same data. 


What do you like to eat for a race?

During marathons, I have Strawberry Banana GU every 45 minutes!   

The week before a race I carb up, eating sandwiches, bread and pasta.  The day before, I eat lighter because I did the carb loading the week prior.  


What do you like to do outside of running?

Physical Therapy School! 

I am a girl, I love shopping! The Nike Outlet is my favorite.

I love going to plays and Broadway shows.  I really want to see Hamilton, but it is harder to get Hamilton tickers than World Series tickets. 


What was Chicago like after the Cubs won the World Series?

I love the Cubs.   My parents were waiting their entire lives for the Cubs to win the World Series and to see them experience that was very special.   We watched the game together as a family.   This is the most exciting thing that has ever happened in my life. 

We went to the parade and there were five million people downtown.  This was the biggest event.  We are the third stop on the train into the city, and it was already almost full.  There were so many people, it was so cool to see everyone united and together.  It was nice to see Chicago the way it was that day.  You almost still can feel it when you are downtown.    


What advice do you have for other runners?

Forget about the pace, and the distance just get out there and do something that makes you feel good about yourself. 







Photography, courtesy of Stevie Parks.








That Pretty Runner


All About Fredrik


All About Fredrik

All About Fredrik

Lund, Sweden

Loves to Run: 21k

How did you start running? 

I started a few years back, but I always found myself dropping out of it.

I would have to say that I started for real in February of this year, when I registered myself to Göteborgsvarvet. This is one of the world’s biggest half-marathons, held in May here in Sweden. I was really hyped about that, and it forced me to pick up running again.

With some changes to my strategy, I eventually got sucked into a world where love and joy goes hand in hand with running. Or should I say foot by foot? 😃

Do you run with a club?

Sort of, but it is more of a community I would say.

It is called Coach K Runners, and they are an active running community in Lund (Southern Sweden).  They regularly put up free training sessions and it is kind of a basic concept, but it also makes it really easy for new people to get started.

Eventually, when I had attended enough sessions it felt like I was part of a running community with like-minded people.  This was one of my goals as well, to surround myself with great runners that can inspire.

How does running make you feel?

The short answer would be free, alive and focused.  

However, there is some complexity to the answer.  Running is always nice if I feel stressed by work or other things. It clears my mind and removes all background noise.  There is a sort of running that gives even more, which is to just head out by foot, get close to nature and sometimes even explore new trails and areas.  Trail running is really what gives me the most, sort of the whole package.

Do you have a special running story?

When I was a kid my main activity was swimming and I quit that when I was about 15 years old. During my active time, I was a decent runner and did really well compared to classmates in school.  When I started to run at a later age, I naturally thought that I had a decent technique and that it was just to keep on going.

I could not have been more wrong.  In the beginning, it worked out okay.  When I started to push beyond 10 kilometers, I ran into problems with me knees.  They got swollen and I had problems to run for days.  

I started to look into running techniques and exercises that would help me to land more properly on my feet.  A common thing when trying to improve a motion is to overdo it and this was something I was familiar with from my swim training. I went out and basically jogged 7 km on my toes to force me to change my running step. On every training session for a month or two, I used this technique to improve my stride.

This helped me a lot, and made it possible to move beyond 20 km.  I am still having issues with my knees when I push 30 km, but there is also a lot left to improve that will help me reach further.  This was a hard, but important lesson for me - Running that at a first glance would seem like a primitive skill, still has so much details, finesse and technique to it.

What races have you run?

It pretty much feels like my journey has just begun, so there are not many. Prior to this year, I had attended one 10 kilometer race.  This year, I have attended the half-marathon and two 10 kilometer races that are both pretty local with just a few thousand runners.

What is your most memorable running moment?

It has to be the half-marathon in Gothenburg with about 50,000 participants. It was just an amazing experience to be part of something so big while a new runner.  At that moment, I was really high on emotions.

What races would you like to run in the future?

I think I need to make a calendar for next year, because there are so many races I want to do.  I am already signed up for the race in Gothenburg, and I am most likely also heading to Prague to run the Sportisimo Prague Half Marathon.

While the half-marathon is an amazing distance that I think is very well balanced, I want to head further.  I am looking at different marathons and hope to attend one next year.  Also, I hope that my body is ready for it.  What I am looking forward to the most is the ultra-races and other long distances in trail.  Sweden has many beautiful places, so does Europe and the rest of the world. Exactly what to pick and go for, is something I will make up on my way! 😃

Where are your favorite places to run?

Trail running in areas where the landscape changes and provides different views along the way is just magical to me. I am glad I have a few of those close to me, but combining trail running with new places is probably what I love the most.

Do you have a motto or favorite phrase?

Everyone should aim to be the best of who they are, and what they do.  Life can take rapid turns and the regret of not living and giving it all is hard to carry.

Do you have advice for other runners?

For new runners that still think it is hard and tough to run, I would like to tell them to keep fighting and keep pushing forward.  Eventually, you will push through and a new world will be revealed.  A world that is hard to understand or believe in when you are just starting out.

For the rest, have fun and do not forget to rest! 😃

Do you bring anything with you while running?

Only for longer runs.

I have two different bags from Camelbak depending on what I want to bring with me.  The smaller one has a reservoir that holds 1.5 l / 50 oz liquid and some extra space for smaller things like my phone, a few gels and some minor medical supplies. It is usually enough for most of my longer runs, but the closer I get to marathon and ultra-distances, I tend to use the other bag for more nutrition, with extra clothing and stuff I might need depending on terrain and weather.

What type of sneakers do you wear?

This must be something you get more of the longer you have run and the more experienced you get. A lot of my training sessions are on asphalt and other flat surfaces, so for that I use Asics Nimbus. I usually get new ones every year, and for me they are really great so I have not felt like changing them.

As I have moved more and more into trail-running and tougher terrain has become more common, I also own a pair of Salomon Speedcross. I have not used them enough to say much about them but they do provide an amazing grip.

What is your favorite food?

I love most food so I would not be able to pick just one thing, but then again I am Swedish and Smorgasbord exists for a reason. 😃

If I knew I had a tough training session or race ahead I would definitely turn to some sort of pasta dish.

Do you have a pre-race ritual?

No, I cannot say that I have. However, I am a control freak that needs to know everything and I re-check my gear several times. I usually tie the shoelaces several times because they never really feel perfectly tied. 😃

What activities do you like outside of running?

Running has really become the main activity for me, when it comes to sport or fitness. I do not mind going to the gym from time to time, but it is not as close to the heart as running.

Swimming by itself is not something I would really love, especially not alone. Swim-run or maybe even triathlon could possibly be something that I move towards eventually. I really see the charm in it.

For whatever time that is left I do not mind spending some time with family and friends or watching a good TV-series or movie. 😃

What are your goals for the future?

It feels like there is so much more running can give me, when it comes to experiences.  My plan is to attend more races during 2017 and continue to push my timings. I have goals to run a half-marathon on sub 90 minutes and 10 kilometers on sub 40 minutes. I consider them to be almost identical hard goals and for me they would really mark that I have made a giant leap from where I once started.

I have many other goals and dreams as well. Being able to run a marathon and an ultra-race without pain in my knees is also part of what I want next year. This is something I sort of hope will work itself out as long as I keep training. 😃

At the moment running is my main activity, and I try to mix in gym training.  There is something called a Swedish Classic Circuit that I would like to do. It would involve more than just running. It is basically four different races in Sweden that need to be done in a row, but you are free to start with any race you want. It exists of 90 km cross country skiing, 300 km cycling, 3 km open water swimming and 30 km cross-country running. 

Photography, courtesy of Fredrik Eriksson.

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