LOVES TO RUN: 800m and Mile


Where are you currently training?

Right now, I am living in White Plains in West Chester New York.  I am training with the New Jersey New York Track Club.

The team is awesome.  I am working every day with guys either on my level or better, at the 800m or mile.  It has been cool having a bunch of guys in it for a common goal, coming together and working hard. 

The team has an incredible coach, Frank Gagliano.  In terms of coaches for USA track and field, he is very well-known and respected.  He has coached so many elite runners and multiple Olympians. My other highly regarded coaches are John Traugman and Tom Nohilly.  Together, these three coach the team.

We meet and just want to get it done.  There is a big transition on the team this year. A lot of turnover, switching into a HOKA based team.  We had to slim down the numbers.  Everyone is really excited to be here.  We have a fantastic opportunity to train as elite athletes, looking ahead to the USA Championships, Olympic Trials in 2020 and everything else along the way.


You should be so proud of everything you have accomplished.  How does it feel to be competing as an elite runner?

It had not even crossed my mind in high school.  At Marcellus, towards the end of my high school career, I really improved a lot finishing as a state champion my senior year.  I knew, I was at the DI level.  Frankly, I was very unfamiliar with the idea of professional running.  Having humble beginnings under Coach Oscar B Jenson,  rising, and constantly improving.  From a high-school runner, to State Champ, All Conference at Binghamton University, All American, running the USA Championships two times, and USA Olympic Trials this year.  Everything has come together.  These experiences have helped me become the athlete I am today and hope to continue being down the road. 


When will your race season begin?  Which races are you most looking forward to running?

I will probably race in Indoor Track, this January.  The indoor season is where I expect to be focusing on running as a middle distance specialist in the 800m, mile and 1500m. 

In training, I have been playing around with off distances like the 600m, 1000m and 4 by 4 relays.  Things you are not used to running as often and it is cool getting different experiences. 

There is always a plan.  The coaches know it is going to be a long racing season.  I am fine with not racing now, because my indoor racing season will go from the end of January to April.  Then, we will have the outdoor season.  Also, this summer the NJ NY Track Club will be racing in Europe.

How has your training progressed?

It is more quality days, strength training and tapping into speed.  I am not concerned about over-training or getting burned out.  It is super early, I am just getting started.

I worked out by myself while running for Binghamton University.  Now, I am always working with people who push you.  There is no limit.  When you get to that point and you work out and think you want to give up, you have someone to push you. 


Outside of running, what have you been doing lately?

Working in a physical therapist office. I have a bachelor’s of science in Biochemistry from Binghamton University.  In the future, I would love to work in the Health and Wellness field.  


What types of sneakers do you wear?

It is great to have the opportunity to work with this company, HOKA.

CLIFTON 3’s.  Lots of cushion taller really thick and they add an inch to my height.  Very light 7-8 ounces.

Totally preference, really. I wear CLIFTON 3’s, for road running and light track stuff, but we also have trail shoes.

CHALLENGER ATR's, are great for running trails.  I have the 2nd and 3rd models.   They are light and very cushiony shoes. 

HOKA flats and spikes are really nice, their flats are my favorite.  The spikes are the lightest.  Out of all the flats HOKA ONE ONE TRACERS, are the best pair I have ever worn.  I wear those for tempo runs and longer interval training, like mile repeats.  Even light 400’s and 1k repeats.  I also have a pair of spikes, but those are more for the 5k.


What are your plans for the future?

My plan is to stick here and run through 2020.  Then, I will take a step back a reassess.   The intensity is so much higher than I have ever been used to, in terms of working out.  It is going to get more structured now.  I am getting so much stronger and I have only been here two months!

Photography and video, courtesy of Jesse Garn.

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