Team Bic Chick

Absolutely Loves:  YOGA and Hiking


When did you start doing Yoga?

Growing up, I struggled with my weight because genetics are not on my side.  After having kids, I was over 200 pounds.  For my 30th birthday, I decided to give myself a gift of getting healthy.  I wanted to be as lean and fit as possible.

Within months of starting this fitness journey, my sister passed away.  Fitness, gave me an outlet and something to focus on.  I put all of my energy towards exercising.  For a year, I was doing everything.  Unfortunately, too much lifting and cardio broke my body. 

A friend invited me to a yoga class, and I fell in love.  At the same time, yoga put up some red-flags.  I could not push myself into poses my body was not ready for.  Instead, I needed to slow down and give myself grace. 

When I first started yoga, I was very emotional, it transformed my entire outlook on life. 


What is your favorite type of Yoga?

I love all of my yoga equally. Each branch of yoga I have tried, has been powerfully beneficial.  Yin class is amazing.  I often do Hot-Power-Yoga to burn the most calories. This also releases the lactic-acid and sooths connective tissues. 

It is important to get into a yoga class at least once a week.  Yoga has helped my weightlifting, immensely.  My instructor teaches me how to hold everything in alignment.  Now while I am running, I make sure my knees are not turned into each other!

If someone is looking to start a yoga practice, they should look for instructors that will adjust their form to get the maximum benefit.


Do you have a favorite Yoga Pose?

The pose I always come back to is the Pigeon.  This is the first pose I ever tried, it took me a while to perfect.  I was so tight, it was painful in the beginning.  Now, I can do an advanced version of the pose, called the Flying Pigeon!

I love the Butterfly pose, too!


How does your typical week of exercise look?

Everything is about balance.  When I backed off of doing cardio with weightlifting and focused solely on Yoga, I gained weight.  I would love to do yoga five days a week, but my body needs to burn calories. 

Currently I have one to three times a week devoted to yoga.  I balance my yoga with running and lifting.  In one week, I workout six to ten times.  

Sometimes for the summer months I double-up, with a morning and night session.  Cali girls are in bathing suits 7 months out of the year, but the rest of the time I don't push so hard!


How do you balance exercise with your life?

I see my fitness as a priority.  Remembering how I felt about myself while struggling with weight, makes my eyes tear-up.

Every morning, I get a good workout in.  I feel more confident, healthy and strong.

My daughter has the same genes, and it is important for me to show her a healthy life-style takes hard work.  Both of my kids come to yoga with me, and we go hiking together.  I try to include them with everything I do!


Who are your greatest supporters?

My kids and husband.


Where do you like to go hiking?

Hiking is a great workout, you can get a decent calorie-burn in one hour.  I go several times a month.  My friends and I can spend an entire day exploring trails of Mt Baldy, Big Bear and Idyllwild.  I mostly hike in Crafton Hills.

I always bring a camel-pack, lunch, and micro-spikes for my shoes in icy conditions.  Winter-hiking is very dangerous, so I usually stick to the warmer seasons.


What are some of your favorite workouts?

I love spin class.  I mix it up with high intensity intervals, 20 minutes of cardio and then weightlifting. My body really needs to mix it up, work-outs change all the time. 


Do you have a motto?

Be stubborn with your goals and flexible with your methods.


Do you listen to work-out music?

Yes!! My favorite artist is Rob Zombie, and second favorite is Nick Jonas!


What do you wear exercising?

I love Beyond Yoga, yoga pants. They fit my curves just the right way, whatever will stay over my butt!  You move in so many different directions doing Yoga.


How do you wear your hair while exercising?

I throw it back in a ponytail, with a Bic Band.


Do you have advice for other fitness Lovers?

Love yourself no matter what stage of the game you are in.  If you are just getting started, do not make a goal as far as wanting to look a certain way.  Do not look at the hottest super-model in a magazine right now, then aspire to have their physique.  If you love yourself, you want to do right for yourself and be healthy.


How did you become a Bic Chick?

Sandy, the founder of Bic Bands, sends her kids to the same school as mine!  For years, I have been wearing Bic's and following the company. 

When Sandy put up the application for Bic Band Ambassadors, I thought that it would be very cool.  I was surprised, and happy to be chosen!







Photography, courtesy of Amity Huizinga. 



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