How did you start your BIC Band Company?

I started making headbands that would stay in my daughter’s hair and not slip. The lining on BIC Bands really sticks to your hair, the bands are soft, stretchy and comfortable.  No headaches!   

BIC stands for Because I Can.  We fundraise for those who cannot because we can, so hopefully one day they will too!  A percentage of each BIC Band product sold is donated to a different charity every month. 

After my close friend battled cancer and was in remission, I started running in her honor.  Running for someone else, really puts your life in perspective.   While training for my first half-marathon, I fundraised with Team in Training for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  We raised over $1000 from selling my BIC Bands. 


How are BIC Bands made?

Every BIC Band is sewn by moms, locally in Southern California!

When I first started BIC Bands, I was sewing all of the headbands myself.  Now,  BIC Bands are made by local moms.  I love being a part of our community.  We have such an awesome atmosphere and energy!

My company, is for empowering women-athletes to feel good about themselves and get out there doing what they love best!  I love providing quality hand-made products. 


What is the biggest BIC Band Fundraiser you have ever experienced?

I vividly remember that day, of the Boston Marathon 2013.  After that day, I was constantly thinking about a terrorist activity instead of my passion for running.  I remember being angry that somebody attacked my sport, and that feeling motivated me to start a fundraiser. 

We designed a Boston Strong BIC Band, and 100% of the proceeds were donated to the Boston Fund.  In the end, we raised over $18,000 for the Boston Fund.  This was our biggest fundraiser and it felt amazing to make a difference. 

This fundraising experience was awesome because the running-community came together to support every avenue.  The running-community is a very special tight-knit and passionate group of people.  We are always there to cheer each other on and pick someone up when they fall.  Even though running is an individual sport, it is still a group effort. 


How did you start running?

I ran track in high-school, but I did not love it at the time.  Running really became fun later on in life.  After having kids, my sister and I wanted to get back in shape together.  We completed running the Couch to 5k Program!


What was you first half-marathon?  

The 2012 LA Rock’n’Roll Half-Marathon, was my first half-marathon. 

I was running in honor of my friend and mentor who battled Lymphoma.

You never forget your first.



What was your first full-marathon?

The San Francisco Marathon!

My husband ran with me for my first full-marathon.  Simultaneously, my mom, sister and cousin were running the half-marathon.  We made a family trip out of it!

San Francisco was a very hard course, but so beautiful.  We were running over the San Francisco Bridge, and the race was very hilly!


How did you feel crossing the finish-line?

I felt relieved to be done, but super proud of all my hard work and training. 

Running a marathon is such an incredible accomplishment, and something only you can give yourself, no one can run for you. 

The marathon takes everything you have both mentally and physically. 


Do you recommend any races?

The Southern California Ragnar Relay should be on everyone’s bucket-list. 

My husband and I were running with such a fun group of friends, this year.  We just had so much fun!


Who are your greatest supporters?

My husband and kids are my support system. 

I love how my daughter wants to be athletic like mommy.  She asked for running pants on her birthday, not a dress, just running clothes!  Running helps me teach my daughter to love being strong. 


How do you balance life with running?

I have been working with my running coach!  Every weekend I have my long run days, and during the week I have three to four speed-workouts.  

Balancing everything can be difficult at times.  I try to stick to a schedule and not be too hard on myself.  I do the best that I can, and if it did not happen today there is always tomorrow.

Every week, I schedule a specific time to run with my husband. 


How does running make you feel?

Running makes me feel like a better mom, a better wife and helps me keep my cool.  I feel like a better me!


Do you have a motto?

My motto is constantly changing.  Sometimes my motto is “Get Er Done”, other times “Enjoy the Moment!”


Where is your favorite place to go running?  

I love running where we live, a small town in Southern California.   My husband and I can get to the hills, mountains, or just enjoy our neighborhood.  There is a state park right by us, where we can get a good 20 mile run in.  It is great! 


Do you prefer trails or roads?

Roads!  I will run on the road as much as possible!


Have you ever felt unsafe running?

Recently, I was attacked by a dog while running.

I knew the dog was vicious, and this was not the first time I had an issue. 

My pepper spray saved me from the dog-attack.  All women should carry pepper-spray with them, because you never know. 


Do you have advice for other runners?

Everyone should have their shoes professionally fitted.  Make sure your shoes fit your feet well. 

Race for yourself.

Enjoy the ride!


What do you like to wear running?

I love Running Skirts, and my BIC Band Trucker Hats. 


What type of sneakers do you wear?

PEARL iZUMi Women E: Motion Road M3 v2, are my new favorite sneakers!


What is your favorite type of BIC Band?

I love the sparkle bands!  You can wear them straight from a workout to going out!






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