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Jeff Galloway Program Director of Southern California

Loves to Run: 5k-Marathon

How did you start running?

I actually started running, but then found out I was pregnant with my daughter.  My heart-rate needing to be below a certain level, I stopped running and started walking.  After having my daughter, it took me a very long time to get back to my level of running.  It felt like starting all over, again.

During my son’s pregnancy, I was running into the sixth month.  I finished an entire half-marathon, pregnant.  When running became uncomfortable because I was so big, it was time for a break.   

For women who are pregnant, it feels empowering to run.  Sometimes, society makes women feel that they need to stop doing everything, while pregnant.  It felt empowering doing something I love, during pregnancy.  Running throughout my pregnancy, helped me get back sooner.

Now, I see pregnant women, clearly showing, running marathons and half-marathons all the time. Maybe it is becoming safer, and women are realizing they can run.  It is hard the first trimester, you are so low in energy, and battling with exhaustion.  My sons pregnancy was easier, I really got my blood flowing. 


Who are your greatest supporters?

My husband is super supportive.  We bring the kids to every race, they do kids-races and cross the  finish-lines for medals!  Running is special and family friendly.


What is it like running with your family?

Running started as a family activity.  Killing two birds with one stone, exercising and having family time.  After having my daughter, I would run while pushing her in a stroller.  Obviously after my son was born, we graduated to a double-stroller so I could push both! 

My husband started running as well.  We would put them in the jogger and run to Java Juice, get them some juices and run back home.  It was really a way we could all be outside together.  Now, they are old enough to walk themselves. 

My kids are so excited when I say, “We are going for a run!!” Running shows them exercising and being outside is important. 


How do you balance running in your life?

A lot of people say, "I cannot believe you run so much."  I feel that running is the most convenient form of exercise, with my crazy schedule.  

Running helps me balance life, versus having to balance running and life.  I feel like running keeps me grounded with what I do; work, kids, being a wife.  In terms of what helps me really make sure that I keep that balance, running is something I prioritize and schedule.

I have set mornings I run at the same time, and treat running like an appointment.  You would not cancel a doctor appointment, or breakfast with friends.  I really try to never cancel on myself, it has helped me stay consistent. 

I run in the dark, 5am.  It is never too dark, or too cold and I am never too tired. These days you are getting up no matter what, to run and I really try to treat it as an appointment.  Running is not negotiable.

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What does a typical week of training look like for you?

During the week I run two to three times, about four-miles.  Then, I do all of my long mileage on the weekend. Usually, I meet with the Galloway group on Saturdays. 


What is it like to run in Southern California?

I live in Long Beach, so I do a lot of Disney races.  Jeff Galloway, is the official Disney running trainer and the one who helped me run throughout my pregnancy.  My Tinker-Bell Half-Marathon went so well, he and I still stay in contact.

Currently, I am the Jeff Galloway Program Director in Southern California. I train other runners with the Galloway Method.  The run/walk method is really suitable for all runners.  Running this program, it is pretty amazing to see first time runners go into running not able to run a half-mile, run 5k's.   

Our running group started out with twelve people and now we have between fifty and sixty runners per session.  Our training program lasts six months.  We run on Saturday at Long Beach. 

One of the few programs that trains year round, because of our nice weather.  It is really beneficial for our community of runners to have that support system. 


Where is your favorite place to run?

Probably around my neighborhood in Long Beach.  During the week there are two runs I can do, starting from my house.  I literally just put on my shoes and go.  Running the same route, helps me get more into the zone and enjoy myself.


How many races have you run?

I have done eight marathons and over thirty half-marathons! 


What is your favorite race?

The Big Sur Marathon in Monterey California.  It is very challenging and super hilly.  You basically run along the coast.  Race entry, is lottery only.  My husband and I were able to run it together one year.   Being chosen to run this exclusive, gorgeous marathon with my husband was incredible.  Big Sur, is really a bucket-list marathon for a lot of people. 


Do you have a special running memory?

Probably, the half-marathon I ran while pregnant with my son.  I signed up for the first Tinker Bell Half Marathon in Disney Land, running for a fundraiser.  After signing up, I found out I was pregnant and decided to just keep running.

Five months into my pregnancy, it was an eye-opener and felt empowering to push my body to run a half-marathon.  We were talking to my daughter about the baby running with me, it was very exciting.  My husband and daughter were at the finish-line!


What do you like to eat before races?

My go-to the night before I run is sushi.  Which is funny because a lot of people associate sushi with being sick.  Sushi is a light enough meal with your protein and carb.  I will do a combination of rolls.  It is always a treat to have sushi!


How do you like to fuel during races?

I take water from the course, and usually carry food like peanut-butter, pretzels and sometimes run with a granola bar.  I tend to have better luck snacking on regular food and carrying Pedialyte for hydration.


What are your favorite types of sneakers?

I have been wearing Brooks for four to five years, I love them.  I rotate through my sneakers, putting them in a line and moving one pair to the end after running.  The rotation keeps them from getting old.   


Do you listen to music when you are running?

Yes! I listen to anything from the 90’s!

We just did a race and there were all these 90’s songs at the finish-line.  Everyone was singing and dancing, it was the best.


Do you have a motto?

There is a quote I love, “She believed she could so she did.” 

I really think of it in terms of the way I raise my kids.  If you believe you can do something it is completely doable!


Do you have advice for other runners?

I would say for people who run, not to let anything take priority over it. If someone feels like they are a runner, they should honor that.  Running is such a huge accomplishment.  

Running is not easy and to be able to run you really have to push yourself to new limits.


How did you become a Bic Chick?

Originally, I met Sandy through running of course.  I help people in the running industry raise their social media, and worked with Sandy on her social media.  After working with Bic Bands, I applied to be an ambassador.  I love Bic Bands!






Photography, courtesy of Kelley Tenny.


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