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Founder of the Stars Hollow Running Club

Loves to Run: 5k's


How did you start running?

In junior high, I ran cross-country.  During college, I started running for my own personal pleasure. 

How did running help you overcome significant health problems?

In 2009, I was diagnosed with cancer and went through a year and a half of treatment.  I thought to myself, “If I get through this, I would treat my body the best I could.”  Everything started out with walking, and built up to running 40 miles a week. 

Then, in 2014, I had an Aortic Dissection.  I went into the hospital in a coma, with a ten-percent chance of survival. 

This is my three year anniversary of the Aortic Dissection. 

Running is really life affirming for me. My feet hitting pavement reminds me I am alive.

Last year we had a very warm December, and my youngest child said, “Will you walk me to school?”  I said, “Sure, sounds wonderful!” We walked to school every day for a couple of months.  My walk to school became longer, I started walking up to five miles a day.   During that time, I found the virtual running experience and decided running a 5k is such a great goal.  I finished the Run With Your Dog 5k, 16 months after my heart surgery.

Where do you like to go running?

I run through my beautiful neighborhood with tree lined streets.  My running is flat or hilly depending on the direction.

What type of sneakers do you like to wear?

Saucony and Asics.

What are your favorite things to wear running?

I wear skirts for running.  Champion skirts from Target are great, mine have pockets to stick in my phone and ID. 

What do you bring with you running?

Water and my phone. 

I usually do not listen to music, because I enjoy listening to nature.  I love watching the sunrise while I am running.

Do you have advice for other runners?

It does not matter how fast you are or how far you go.  It is just a matter of doing it.  Get to a pace to strengthen your heart and soul. 

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