MCPHS University Boston Campus

Studying: Pharmacy

Loves To Run: 1/2 Marathon, 5k, 10k



What is it like to be a runner with Diabetes?

Running as a diabetic is very stressful. I always test before, and several times while running.  A few months ago, I started to use a sensor that continuously checks my blood-sugar.  Now, I do not need to stop to check my blood-sugar mid-run. 

The sensor buzzes to let me know fifteen-minutes ahead of time, if I need to go up or down.  If it’s too high, I need some water because I'm dehydrated.  If it’s low, then I have fun snacks like mini bags of skittles, smarties, and fruit gummies.

My pump goes on my arm, hip, or stomach; pre-workout I tape it on, so it stays!


How did you start running?

The summer after my freshman year of college, I tried to run a half-mile; like I had everyday before lacrosse practice in high-school. 

After running the half-mile, I wanted to keep running farther. Now, I’ve ran everything from the 5k to half-marathon.


What is your favorite distance?

Recently, I ran my first 10k and really loved it.


What was your first half-marathon?

The Smutty Nose ½ Marathon in Hampton Beach, New Hampshire.  I went into Maine the night before, for a delicious lobster dinner with my family!


How did you feel crossing the finish-line of your first half-marathon?

Shocked, and thinking OMG I FINISHED! I never thought that I would run a half-marathon. I was so happy, I cried!


Who are your greatest supporters?

My family! My parents come to all of my races to cheer me on!


What is your favorite Race?

My first race is the most special.  I ran the Mission Hill 5k Road Race in Boston.  It’s all up hill, very hard.  Every year, I run it!


Do you run in a club?

Yes, I do.  My college, MCPHS University, in Boston has a running club.  One day, we ran to the Boston Marathon finish-line and the Boston Herald interviewed us!

We also volunteered at the Boston Marathon start-line.  When the race started and runners took off their extra-layers of clothes, we collected them to donate to the Boys and Girls Club.  I was soaking wet from all the rain, and wearing a poncho (trash-bag).

It was an amazing experience, I think everyone should volunteer.  We’re volunteering again, 2016!


Who do you like to run with?

Sometimes it’s nice to run alone, and listen to music, or my class-lectures.  Other times I’ll run with my roommate, boyfriend, or college running club.


Where is your favorite place to run in Boston?

Jamaica Pond! It feels so peaceful, like home. There are trails on both sides and a 5-mile loop.   


How do you train?

 I use the Nike Running App guides.  5 miles today, 2 tomorrow... There is a reminder on my phone, so it goes off all day until I run.  The app, cheers you on at the end of every run!



How do you cross-train?

I love cross-fit.  It’s so fun to work out with a big group.  Whenever I feel like, “I can’t lift that!” someone tells me, “YES you can!!” so I do. 


What is your favorite food to eat before a race?

Oatmeal with chocolate chips, or fruit with yogurt.  I try to eat protein the night before like steak or chicken, nothing too elaborate.


What is your favorite running outfit?

Shorts with a tank or singlet!


What is your favorite running hairstyle?

A messy-bun, to avoid hair from sticking to my neck!


What is one thing you absolutely need on a run?

Music.  In bustling Boston, there is so much going on, I need music to focus!


What kind of music do you run to?

Country music, really gets me in my zone!


Do you have advice for rising-running-stars?

When I first started out, I was always mad about speed. Then, I read this quote, “It does not matter if you run a 7 minute-mile or 17 minute-mile, it is still a mile.”

Getting out there and being the best you can possibly be is truly what matters. I’m constantly reminding myself that I should not look at anyone else.  I am competing with myself on the race course.



Photography, courtesy of Krissy Boyle.

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