Dear Runner Lovers,

This morning, I went on a run for five miles outside and then came back home to finish my log run inside.  So, I did two hours on the treadmill, after the outdoor adventure.  Then, I made a fruit salad with strawberries, mango, blueberries, pineapple and melon. It's been a pretty good day so far!

I went out to dinner last night, and there was a band with a string bass playing!  I just loved it! During college, I completely stopped doing anything musical related.  However, you may be surprised to find out, back in the day... I started taking private violin lessons when I was five and then did string-bass in high school to be in symphonic band.  Strings are my favorite!! Earlier today, I decided to play something on my violin for fun, and on my music stand was the old string-bass solo that I composed... it was pretty exciting stuff! 

I hope everyone is feeling fabulous! 

Happy Running! 

That Pretty Runner