Dear Runner Lovers, 

Today, I did about ten miles at race pace.  I started reflecting on how 10 miles is my normal everyday distance, and it used to be my dreaded long run.  During high school, every Sunday I went out and ran ten miles, and it felt like so much.  Then, after starting Marathoning my freshman year of college, I have spent the majority of my weekends completing at least one 15-20 mile long run.  It has taken years to become strong and fit enough to run this high mileage.  Now it is my last semester, senior year, and I am starting to feel excited about comparing my time from four years ago to whatever time I run in my marathon next month! 

Everyone's on their own path, and I feel that it is so important to reflect on your personal achievements. If it matters to you, then it matters. Looking at myself before running my first marathon years ago, and reflecting on all of the work I have done since makes me feel more confident about my future. It is especially helpful right before a race, to look at my actual workout log journals, flipping through the pages of years of hard work.  

I hope everyone is feeling fabulous!  Reflect on all of your hard work! 😁🏃‍♀️☀️

Happy Running! 

That Pretty Runner