Dear Runner Lovers,

I just finished my 6 finals!  It was a very long past two days taking them, but I am so happy I can go to sleep tonight for the first time in three nights, hahahah!

After I finished at like 4ish, I was very excited and happy to watch the video we are all watching today!

The entire two hours of watching this race was very intense, inspiring and incredible.  Eliud Kipchoge is 32 and just ran 2:00:25 in the marathon, which is unbelievable.  Eliud Kipchoge is amazing.  I feel so inspired after watching this event.  All of the elites who came together to pace Eliud Kipchoge is something special, displaying true comradery in the sport.  Looking at all of their perfect strides, even through the last 10k, gave me chills.  History was made today. Dream Big.  Everyone should really watch this entire race, if you have not already had the chance. 

I hope everyone is feeling fabulous this weekend!

Happy Running,

That Pretty Runner