Dear Runner Lovers,

Today, was very special meeting the Buddhist monk Khenpo Jigme, in my history of Buddhism class here at Saint Josephs College.  This was the first time Khenpo Jigme has been to the United States in about seven years.  We had the opportunity to meditate with Khenpo Jigme, in a circle of zafu pillows, in our classroom, overlooking Sebago Lake.  Then, we all gathered around a conference table and asked questions, discussing Khenpo Jigme's life, wisdom and the practice of Buddhism.  It was incredible listening to Khenpo Jigme discuss his childhood with his brothers and sisters on a farm, the way he became a monk at the age of twelve, all the places he has traveled, living on a monastery, his daily routine and practices, and so much more.  Today, was amazing and a dream come true to meet Khenpo Jigme.

Later on in the day, we met a second time in a larger group.  Khenpo Jigme with his translator Tracy Davis, gave a presentation on compassion.  It was truly incredible to listen Khenpo Jigme's insights on compassion.  The message that really resonates with me is Khenpo Jigme telling us, even just one second of generating compassion is precious and benefits ourselves and others.  One second of compassion generates positivity on dharma and reincarnation.  One second of compassion is very significant.  I wish I could tell you everything he said!  It was a truly special experience to meet Khenpo Jigme. 

These pictures are from running earlier.  I ran 5 miles down to the lake and it was very relaxing and sunny outside.  I hope everyone is having an absolutely amazing week!

Happy Running,

That Pretty Runner