Dear Runner Lovers,

A review copy of Run Better was generously sent in the mail all the way from Greystone Books in Vancouver, to me in New York! The French version of Run Better is already a best seller in Quebec, Canada.  On 29 March 2017, Run Better will be released in the English version.  I truly have been enjoying reading this immensely informative running guidebook.


In Run Better, the author Jean-François Harvey discusses proper running techniques, injury prevention, special stretches, proper breathing, drill exercises, self-care and training plans from the 5K to marathon.  

There are so many helpful illustrations of exercises for the reader throughout the book.  Here are some sample pages that were sent to me in a pdf.  These images will give you a feel for the book:

I particularly enjoyed reading the chapter about selecting the right sneakers for you.  Chapter 4, SHOULD YOU GO MODERN, MINIMALIST, MAXIMALIST OR BAREFOOT? 

Keeping your feet protected is so important in the sport of running.  There are many options for running shoe styles.  Run Better goes into thorough details about every foot shape, types of running shoes,  and the ways running shoes impact technique.

Minimalist running is currently trending, however running minimalist may pose a risk for most runners.  They have an entire quiz to take about your feet, with a list of exercises to determine the right time to become a minimalist runner.  I enjoyed  seeing an entire guide on how to become a minimalist runner overtime in Run Better. 

Run Better is a wonderful guidebook for all runners to have, especially beginner runners finding themselves while starting out their journeys.  Everyone could benefit from the thorough information about common running injuries, with the lovely illustrations of stretches and exercises that will help prevent and treat the injuries. Overall, I really enjoyed reading Run Better and it is going to be my new running buddy.


Read Happy, Run Happy!


That Pretty Runner