Dear Runner Lovers,

Every year since I was eighteen, I have always run my age in miles for my birthday.  So this year, I went on a 22 mile run!  All these years of logging XC miles and then Marathon Miles is making me feel good. 

I literally ran up and down the same road over and over until I finished, but it is so beautiful outside.  I especially love running over a bridge and looking at the water with the mountains in the background.  Repeats of the gorgeous bridge were spectacular.  My sisters gave me UGG earmuffs that double as headphones, those kept me warm while I listened to the new Ed Sheeran songs!  Best birthday run ever!

Afterwards, I enjoyed delicious chocolate pizza and peanut butter wings.  I shared the pizza with all my girly's, but the wings are so good I ate them all.... Chocolate Pizza Company is literally my favorite treat in the world.  It was so nice of my parents to surprise me with a delivery.  Chocolate and mail make me very happy.

Happy Running!

That Pretty Runner