Dear Runner Lovers,

I know it has been a while since a post, but I was just so busy away in Haiti and coming back to a new semester of college!  Thank you for your patience and support everyone.

Finally, it is time to start marathon training again.  I want my next 26.2 race to be a surprise for you, but I will give y'all a hint... it is in May and the course is absolutely gorgeous!  In addition to that, there may possibly be a half-marathon in March.

I feel like this time around, training will be awesome.  It has been a year since my stress fractures in the feet, so they are officially healed and grown back together (fingers crossed).  In addition to that, I feel like after every marathon I do (no matter how fast) I always learn something important that will help me improve.  I am so excited about my races for this spring/summer!

Next week, I hope to get back in the interview publishing rhythm! 

Today, after a couple classes it was so pretty outside I did four miles down to the lake!  My favorite, I missed running to the bridge overlooking the water during winter break!

Happy Running!

That Pretty Runner