Dear Runner Lovers,

I interviewed Becky and Christine about their running accomplishments!  These inspiring women are running the 2016 NYC Marathon together, after being selected from the lottery!  Such great luck, running a huge marathon with your best girlfriends! 

Becky is an avid runner, and posts about her impressively healthful lifestyle!  She has wonderful quotes and delicious recipes to share.  I loved talking about all the races she has accomplished in NYC, Philly, and Florida! 

Christine is an avid runner and hockey player.  She organized a Canadian and USA Blind Hockey League!  We talked about how she runs with a guide and has gone from Tough Mudder's to conquering Half-Marathons!

WOW!! I absolutely loved meeting these amazing women and hope they have an amazing time running the 2016 NYC Marathon!

Here are the links to their interviews!!

ALL ABOUT BECKY                 


Happy Running,

That Pretty Runner