Dear Runner Lovers,

Today, I went running for the first time since my marathon! It was gorgeous outside and I did a 7 mile run along the lake.  Even when I think I am running hills, it will still be nothing compared to the marathon on Sunday.  My mind is still blown, from running through mountains! Nevertheless, it feels good to have my legs moving and grooving again!

Last night, I went to the first meeting for my winter break service trip.  I will be going to Haiti with my college to work in a clinical-setting and build houses with Partners in Development.  There will be about 30 of us volunteers going to Haiti total, we will be meeting up every few weeks in preparation.  This will be a very meaningful experience.

Next weekend, I am taking my GRE.  Fingers crossed everything goes well.  I will be studying... and that's about everything in terms of my school and running update.   

Here are some pictures of my running adventure this evening!

I am totally in love with the fall foliage!

I love my marathon medal so much! I cannot stop staring at my golden lobster claw, such a fantastic design! Too cool!

I hope everyone has an absolutely wonderful rest of the week!

Happy Running,

That Pretty Runner