Dear Runner Lovers,

On Sunday 16 October 2016, I finished the Mount Desert Island Marathon!!

My mom and dad took so many pictures of race day.  It was very exciting!

We left the hotel at 7:15, and found the starting line at 7:30.  My parents found the most adorable coffee shop in Bar Harbor while we were waiting for everything to start.  I loved looking in the windows of all the galleries and artistic shops.   Bar Harbor is such a fantastic destination.   

The weather was perfect for marathon weekend.  There were so many runners, I met a bunch of girls running for St. Jude too!

Around 8:00 I found my coral, put my hand over my heart for the National Anthem, waved to my parents and all us runners started our 26.2 mile adventure through Mount Desert Island.

Here are some pictures of the starting line.  Look at everyone running!!


My parents were there, taking pictures of me! I stopped for just a second to change into pants because my legs were bleeding.... too funny.

At mile 18 there was a St. Jude Fundraiser Cheer Station!  It was very cool!  They announced my name and everyone was cheering.  I high-fived the DJ!  I was so happy because everyone around me was happy!

I was so happy crossing the finish line! There were so many people cheering all of us marathoners on!  Love it so much, I could not stop smiling!  Running the Mount Desert Marathon for St. Jude was really something special.

I absolutely love love love my gold lobster-claw marathon finisher medal!!

That Pretty Runner