All About Rose


All About Rose




How did you start running?

I came to running in a roundabout way. I used to compete to a high standard in Taekwondo and then I broke my ankle, so I could not compete anymore. I was disheartened by it all, until I tried running for fun instead of running for cardio. That was when the obsession began and I have not looked back. I have still loved other sports (road cycling, climbing, netball, tennis, rowing) but nothing is as challenging or rewarding as running.


What is your most memorable running moment?

Nearly every mile of the Paris Marathon. It was my first marathon and it was the most beautiful sunny spring day. Paris is one of my favourite cities so combining my love of running with my favourite city was the perfect way to do my first marathon. I was so proud of myself and happy with my time.


Where is your favorite place to run?

Although, I live in a city, I love running in the countryside and try to as often as I can. My favourite place to run in Bristol is along the river Avon out of Bristol towards Bath. It is quiet, only the odd runner and dog walkers. It is beautiful all year round, even in the winter when it is so muddy you may as well be running through a pig sty.


Do you have a favorite distance to run?

Half-marathon is my favourite distance- its longer and more enjoyable than a 10k, but you do not have to plough as much time and effort into training as you do with a marathon. I am more of a cart horse than a race horse so the longer stuff suits me more. I think I have the potential to do much better over the half distance compared to 10 or 5km.


What is your favorite race memory?

During Paris Marathon at the 30km mark. I just kept thinking I feel good, and being so shocked by it. I was on my split and I remember thinking I have totally got this. I just felt so strong and confident in what my body was capable of. I wish I felt like that every time I ran!



What are your running goals for the future?

I would love to meet the qualifying standard for Boston Marathon 3.35. I would need to drop 11 minutes, but I am always positive and with a little hard work over the next few years – who knows! I would also love to run some more marathons – Boston obviously, Berlin, Copenhagen and Tokyo.

Like everyone, I would like to improve on my PB’s and continue to get so much out of it. I would also like to think I can turn as many people over to the dark side as possible!


How does a typical week of training look for you?

It varies massively. I am a PhD student researching sport and physical activity, so a good week could look like 40-50K with 2 days of weight training and perhaps a bike ride or Yoga. On the other hand if I have a lot of deadlines, like this week, it could look more like the odd turbo session while I read notes, or try to decompress in front of Netflix. These weeks are the worst! I think it was Haile Gebrselassie who said ‘A day without training is like a day without eating.’ I completely understand that. I feel malnourished, body and soul when I have not been able to run. Plus, I am a pain to be around.


Outside of running, what do you enjoy?

If I am not running, I will be outside, doing something active. I love walking, cycling, lifting weights, playing or watching some form of sport (netball, tennis, yoga, rugby, taekwondo). If I am not involved in playing or watching a sport it is usually because I am eating, cooking or reading.


What do you like to wear running?

As little possible! I live in fear of chaffing (though lucky to have never suffered from it) so I like to wear shorts or leggings and a tank top. I hate shoes that are built up and chunky and much prefer running in shoes that are minimal or zero drop. In the winter, I will wear some under armour and gloves if it is really cold but this is Britain so its rarely below freezing.


What are your favorite running accessories?

My Garmin – it revolutionised my training, allowing me to train more specifically by heart rate. Subsequently, I saw a big improvement in my times across all distances. My Salomon hydration pack has been essential on my longer runs 25k + and it is very rare I notice when I am wearing it. Apart from that I am fairly low maintenance.


What type of sneakers do you wear?

I love Saucony, and have not had a bad pair of their shoes. Saucony Kinvara 4 were the best running shoes ever made for racing or training – end of arguement. Kinvara 5 and 7 are okay but got bulky in their design and I prefer a minimal shoe.

For racing 10km/Half distance I love the Saucony A6, their light and minimal but have enough structure and support.

For short distances (5k) I love my Saucony Hattori’s, their light and almost feel like you are running with socks on.

When I am trail running it is my Inov-8 trail Roc 235, their essentially for most of my off road winter running as it’s so wet and muddy here in the winter.


What are your favorite foods?

Although, I am Vegan, it has not really stopped me eating most of the foods I love. If I had to pick something I could not live without it would probably be falafels, but I also love carbohydrates in most forms (pasta, potatoes, bread). Plus, I love anything that is spicy!


Do you have a motto?

If I had a motto it would be “Shut Up Legs” (Jens Voigt – German Pro cyclist) very useful at Mile 25 of a marathon or half way up Mont Ventoux.


Do you have advice for other runners?

 No-one ever regretted going for a run.


Photography, courtesy of Rose Cross.  











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All About Jensen Jacobs


All About Jensen Jacobs

All About Jensen Jacobs



Loves to Run


 How do you want triathletes to feel as they watch TRI?

I want them to feel inspired and supported. What is most important to me is how tiathletes in training feel as they watch TRI. Someone who might be training to compete in their first race or getting back into the sport unsure of their abilities.  I think I relate the most to this group because my character, Natalie is training to compete in her first triathlon.  She starts from scratch and goes through the whole process of pushing her mind and body like that for the first time, wondering if she has what it takes to BE a triathlete.  I want people who may be questioning themselves see her struggle and growth and be able to connect to that.  I want that to help inspire them to keep going and believe in themselves and know they are not alone and that it can be done.


 Are you a triathlete? Do you plan to compete in a future triathlon? 

I am not.  I am very into fitness and I have competed in difficult races but not a triathlon...yet. Honestly, the respect I have gained for the sport through making the movie and then meeting and talking to a lot of triathletes at the screenings made me release how much time and focus it takes to prepare yourself for one of these.  Right now, I am trying to throw that energy and time into building my skills as an actor, but I am not ruling out training for one in the near future.  I like to challenge myself and I would like to be part of the amazing community.


 Do you prefer running, biking or swimming?

Definitely running! I enjoy running and do it regularly. I LOVE putting on a good playlist and going for a run.


 How do you want cancer patients to feel as they watch TRI?

My mother is a cancer survivor.  I remember after she saw the movie for the first time, one of the first things she said was how much she related to Candice's story.  To the credit of the writers and Shawn Pelofsky's performance, she said it depicted the struggle and the fear and all of feelings and doubts she experienced very truthfully.  I think it was kind of cathartic for her to watch, to see her experience played back to her and understood and validated.  I want that for and cancer patient watching the film.  I want them to not feel alone.


In what ways do you personally relate to the characters in this movie?

Who does not relate to Natalie?  Anyone who has ever doubted themselves can relate I think.  I absolutely have not completed things or stayed away from challenges, because I let fear and self doubt get in the way.  I still my career and in my personal life too.  There are times I have been at screenings and I HAVE been inspired by Natalie- as crazy as that sounds! A little reminder that we are not alone in our struggles with self confidence and our ability to overcome challenges that just seem to big is something everyone needs sometimes.


 What is your personal journey in relation to health and wellness?

I actually had a very similar experience to Natalie.  I had never been into sports or fitness growing up.  In my mid 20s I decided to join a gym, at that time more for the sake of vanity.  I started working with this amazing trainer, Sandra Yewdall, who convinced me to join a group who would train together to do a Tough Mudder.  At that point I could not run a mile or barely do a push up.  I started getting together with this group of people, all ages and types, just like the movie.  To go on group runs and do different types strength training together.  I will never forget that feeling when I completed a race for the first time.  I ended up doing a couple Super Spartans with that group too.  It was such a wonderful, supportive group of people.  If it weren't for that team and completing those races with them, I never would have gotten the part in this movie.  I actually got the audition because someone saw a picture of me competing in one of the Spartan races. A bunch of them actually all showed up for one of our screenings in Philadelphia.  It makes me tear up thinking of all of them standing in the audience clapping and cheering, seeing how everything comes full circle.


 What is your favorite scene, and why?

My favorite scene is the finish line scene.  That is for more personal reasons as an actor.  The scene involved Natalie running towards the finish line with her husband Rex, played by Jaylen Moore, pushing her on from the sidelines.  As an actor, we are always told to be in the truth of the moment, but moments when you are REALLY there, completely immersed and connected are special.  Jaylen was so wonderful to work with through the whole movie, but we really had each other's backs in that scene.  I felt so connected filming that and it felt so true to me.  I think that comes across on screen.


 Do you have a special message for movie viewers?

TRI something.  Challenge yourself.  Keep going.  No matter the challenge, know that a lot of time it is fear and doubt that define what we see as our limitations, not reality...You are capable of more than you think.  I promise.
















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All About Jacob Running the Dopey Challenge!


All About Jacob Running the Dopey Challenge!

All About Jacob



Loves to Run: 5k-Marathon


How did you decide to sign up for the Dopey Challenge?

It is a buck-list race.  I signed up in Disney Land for the Dumbo Double Dare.  I love Disney and I love running.  Afterwards, I wanted to run more Disney races and found the Dopey Challenge.   

How did you prepare?

Everyday I run, sometimes I take rest days depending on how I feel.  During high school cross-country, I would run 45-60 miles a week and I like to stick with that distance every week.

I was training so long for the Dopey Challenge. I had so many thoughts going through my head training and doing the race by myself.  The Dopey Challenge is a very accomplishing race. 

Were you nervous about running all those races?

Yes.  During training all year, I was excited to run it.  Then, I started doubting myself thinking it was too much to do a marathon after all these races.  In the end, I decided I would finish the Dopey Challenge even if I have to crawl.

How was traveling to Disney?

The plane ride was smooth, landing and navigating to Disney itself was good.  It is completely different than Disney Land.  Disney World, is hard because you see one sign and take the train. Then, all of the sudden there are more unexpected turns to take.  It was a family trip with me and my parents. The Dopey Challenge was my Christmas and birthday gift.  I was very happy and thankful.

How was the race expo?

The expo was in the ESPN World Wide Sports Complex, it was very big and had three parts. One building was for packet pick-up, then you go across to a different building for venders, and then there was another building for official merchandise. I bought a lot of race merchandise.  My favorite is my new Disney World Marathon jacket, it is red with Mickey Mouse and the phrase, “running around the world in 26.2 miles.”

Where were your favorite places in Disney?

After the 5k and 10k, I went into the parks.   Epcot was my favorite.  I loved all the countries, because it was all so different.  I loved Germany! Only Disney World can make me like sauerkraut and bratwurst. 

Do you have special memories from the 5k?

Seeing the park for the first time. I did not go to Epcot before the Dopey Challenge.  It was special the first time I could see all of it, running at night.  The Fireworks were awesome, I could see them from my hotel room every night. 

Do you have special memories from the 10k?

Running through the castle, it was very nice.  I must admit, I like Frozen.  I loved seeing Elsa and Anna in the castle waving at everybody.  Then, I met almost every Disney Character along the race course.  My favorite was meeting Chip and Dale.  I also loved seeing Mickey Mouse, Goofy and Donald Duck outside the Hall of Presidents wearing their colonial outfits. 

Do you have any special memories from the half-marathon?

The half-marathon was cancelled, it was unfortunate, but what happened afterwards was amazing.  They had to cancel because of thunderstorms, now I realize safety is more important than running.   However, I was determined to run when the rain calmed down.  

Every resort has a one mile race course in Disney.  Despite the canceled race, there were hundreds of runners still racing and cheering each other on.  Truly amazing determination in the running community, everyone still racing in the rain. 

Do you have special memories from the marathon?

The 5k and 10k were awesome, the weather was great.  The half-marathon was canceled and, the race-coordinator said everything for the marathon would be fine except it was going be below 40 with high winds.   Coming from California, I am not used to that type of weather.  I stepped out of the car for the start-line, felt the winds and cold, and then told my dad to get back in the car.  My mom asked, “What is wrong?” I said, “I do not think I can do this. I know I run a lot, but I do not see how anyone can do this.”  So, I had to sit in the car and get mentally prepared.  Seeing people walk to the starting-line, thousands and thousands of people, I thought I could do it too!

The 5k and 10k starting-lines were in the same place, but for the marathon they have you walk almost a mile out somewhere else.  I was thinking, “Where is the start line?”  We eventually made it there but the corrals were going all ready. They were on Corral E and I was supposed to be in Corral C.  I told myself, “It is too cold to worry about corrals, just get there!”  I made it to Corral H.

Yes, I made it to the start and started.  Yes, it was cold.  Once I started, I never stopped.  It was not a race to go fast in, I went 9 minute pace.  Normally, I stop at mile 20 if I have to, but I kept going.  This was the first marathon I ran the entire 26.2.  It was a great race once everything started. 

What did you bring running?

I had my Cal State sweatshirt on, wanted to take it off, but did not want to lose it.   I tied it around my neck, which kept my neck warm and I had gloves.

No food or anything, just took what they supplied like bananas.  A very nice lady was giving out cookies at mile 12.  I was getting a little tired, she said just take one and I accidently took 3!  I ate those and I swear, I felt so much better.  Thank you to the lady giving out cookies!

How did you feel crossing the finish-lines?

The 5K and 10K were good! 

The marathon was the one that definitely counted the most.  All the people were watching, there were Disney characters and announcers.  Crossing the Disney Marathon finish-line felt magical.

Do you love all of your medals?!

There are 6 medals for 4 races: 5k, 10k half-marathon and full-marathon.  I like the 5k medal, because it has Pluto on it. The 10k medal is nice, it is very different.  The half-marathon medal is nice, with Donald Duck.  My Disney Marathon medal looks very unique, and my Dopey Challenge medal is unique.  I love them all equally. 

I have my Fear No Distance medal rack with all the medals from racing.   A year ago my parents surprised me for my birthday with a Magic Miles medal rack, all of my Disney medals go there. I love it. 

What is your most memorable Disney experience?

Probably not a specific moment, but just being with all the other racers at the time. I talked to all different kinds of runners from all different kinds of places. Even in the parks you see everyone wearing medals and say congratulations to each other.  Runners are the nicest people to talk to! 

Did you go on the rides?

I loved the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Mine Ride.  This was the one ride I wanted, because it is new and they do not have it at Disney Land. 

Do you have advice for everyone who wants to run the Dopey Challenge?

Even though the distance is long and seems tough, do it anyway.  The Dopey Challenge is worth doing, a goal worth setting and definitely a buck-list race, you have to do it! 

Photography, courtesy of Jacob Abrego!









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All About KP Kelly


All About KP Kelly

All About KP Kelly

Business Consultant

Loves to Run: Marathons and More


Running 100 Marathons in 100 Days for 100 Charities!


What is your goal?

I am running a marathon every day, for one-hundred days, for one-hundred different charities!

I picked 12 different cities, across the United States of America.  Each city has an official marathon course, so I will run their course every day. 


What charities are you running for during your 100 marathons in 100 days?

I sent out a call of action to see if there were charities interested in being a part of my 100 Marathons in 100 Days.  I had a lot of requests.  It took a while to choose.  I feel very passionate about helping Veterans, research for Cystic Fibrosis and Alzheimer’s Disease.  I also have ten slots open to work in different causes I hear about along the way, for example if a child needs funding for a surgery.   It is a lot of work organizing all one-hundred fundraisers.  I will be posting everything about this journey on my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. 

My mom has Alzheimer's.  I am fundraising for multiple charities for Alzheimer’s disease. My goal is to make a difference for smaller cities and organizations.  I found local chapters such as the Central Ohio Alzheimer’s Chapter.

I have a nephew with Cystic Fibrosis, and will be focusing on fundraising for this cause.

There will be a fundraiser for the action to help children with severe scars.

I will be fundraising for an organization that gives the homeless running shoes to help them to feel empowered.  Perhaps, I will run with some members for a few hours and hear their stories. 


Have you ever completed a run similar to this before?

At first, I wanted to do a point to point run.  However, that would not work well, because I have to work while I am running.  Running for a different charity every single day involves a lot of promotions and I need internet access. 

I ran up to Ohio twice.  The first time, I did it in 6 days which required running 40 miles a day.  My friend drove alongside me as I was running.  One day, in 96 degree heat, I passed out. Nevertheless, I finished in 22 hours. A year later, I went out for the first time and ran 100 miles in 69.5 hours.  


When did you start running?

My sisters have always been runners, and they signed me up for a 5K.  I love running with my twin sister.

I ran my first marathon when I was 18.

I actually trained on my own for five mile races.  I ran a race in my division training for my first marathon, Chicago.  Then, I did a couple more marathons. Originally, I was running about one or two marathons a year.  Three years ago, I started being an official pacer.  I have never run an Ultra marathon, I have only done them as a pacer. 


How many marathons have you run?

150 marathons!



Do you have a diet planned for your 100 marathons in 100 days?

In preparation of my 100 marathons in 100 days, I consulted a dietitian. As long as I keep my weight loss under 36 pounds, it will be okay.  The goal is to keep my weight loss under 10 pounds a month. 

I need more than the standard gels when I am running.  The recommend daily amount of calories is not enough for me.  I have found if I consume more throughout the run, it helps.  This required me carrying more food.  During my run to Ohio, I carried 64 pounds of gear on my back. 



What are your favorite foods for fuel before all of your running?

Pizza.  I actually have a whole pizza following, because I travel and have so many different varieties. 

I will eat a large pizza every night of my 100 marathons in 100 days. I try to find a healthier crust, limit the cheese and triple the chicken for protein. 


What do you like to have for fuel while running?

I am always trying to find healthy things I enjoy, that will give me the most calories.  For example, I find protein shakes with the highest protein and lowest amount of sugar.


What obstacles have you faced throughout your athletic career?

I was really lucky for a long time, but then I actually broke a bone in the heal of my foot running the Cleveland Marathon.  It was a stress fracture I did not know was there.  Before mile seven, I jumped up on this curve and then noticed it did not feel right.  I tore my LCL.  I have had those in the past two and a half years. Right now, I have the same LCL tear and two small breaks on right foot. 

I would never recommend anyone to run through these types of injuries.  I am lucky they found it and there was a quick recovery. I have also been amazed by the body’s ability to adjust to injuries.   


How do you run through these injuries?

Strong will power and Aleve.  I have a gel cup brace, and I wear an air cast in between running.  Ice and elevation helps. 


What is your favorite distance?

I like 100 miles.  I really want to race it, because I think I may be able to be competitive in 100 milers.   My first run across Ohio, my first hundred was under 20 hours. 

Eventually, I hope to run a 100 mile race on each continent, through five deserts and end with Antarctica. 



What are some of your favorite marathons?  

Chicago is my PR, however I have not done it in 10 years.  I like Chicago because there is tons of fan support!

I love the Boston Marathon, you cannot beat it.

Burlington Vermont is a hidden gem, similar to Boston in elevation. Massive hill at mile 18, scenic all along there and finishes at the original Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Shop.


Do you have a favorite ice cream flavor?

I like coffee flavor with chocolate chips.    


Where is your favorite place to run?

My favorite place to run is around water.  I love to go to a huge city and load up my Camel Back with water and run/walk/jog a bit for five hours.  Mostly, I love doing that along water like a lake, ocean or a river. 


How does running make you feel?

A lot of times it energizes me, and calms me at the same time. I tell people, make sure you make running a part of your every day. 


What do you like to wear running?

I like to wear free gear. Aerotech Designs is a great company, they make custom fit clothes.  They have made a bunch of extra-long shirts for me.  What I have is a bike jersey, really tight in the sleeves with pockets in the back.

I have a really good long tech jacket for once it gets below 25 degrees.  

I like to keep it simple. 


What type of sneakers do you wear?

ASICS GT 2000.  

I wear a size 16, whenever I can find them I stock up.  I have three pairs of black and one pair of lime green.

Every 30 miles of a run, I change my shoes and socks.



Do you have a motto?  

I feel like we are called out to live bold lives, but we try hard not to, because it is more convenient to fit in and do what everyone else does.  My motto is, be bold enough to be yourself. 




Do you have advice for other runners?

With marathons I always tell runners, keep it simple.  Do not over-complicate the process.  Put one foot in front of the other and keep going! 




Photography, courtesy of KP Kelly.

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All About Jesse


All About Jesse




LOVES TO RUN: 800m and Mile


Where are you currently training?

Right now, I am living in White Plains in West Chester New York.  I am training with the New Jersey New York Track Club.

The team is awesome.  I am working every day with guys either on my level or better, at the 800m or mile.  It has been cool having a bunch of guys in it for a common goal, coming together and working hard. 

The team has an incredible coach, Frank Gagliano.  In terms of coaches for USA track and field, he is very well-known and respected.  He has coached so many elite runners and multiple Olympians. My other highly regarded coaches are John Traugman and Tom Nohilly.  Together, these three coach the team.

We meet and just want to get it done.  There is a big transition on the team this year. A lot of turnover, switching into a HOKA based team.  We had to slim down the numbers.  Everyone is really excited to be here.  We have a fantastic opportunity to train as elite athletes, looking ahead to the USA Championships, Olympic Trials in 2020 and everything else along the way.


You should be so proud of everything you have accomplished.  How does it feel to be competing as an elite runner?

It had not even crossed my mind in high school.  At Marcellus, towards the end of my high school career, I really improved a lot finishing as a state champion my senior year.  I knew, I was at the DI level.  Frankly, I was very unfamiliar with the idea of professional running.  Having humble beginnings under Coach Oscar B Jenson,  rising, and constantly improving.  From a high-school runner, to State Champ, All Conference at Binghamton University, All American, running the USA Championships two times, and USA Olympic Trials this year.  Everything has come together.  These experiences have helped me become the athlete I am today and hope to continue being down the road. 


When will your race season begin?  Which races are you most looking forward to running?

I will probably race in Indoor Track, this January.  The indoor season is where I expect to be focusing on running as a middle distance specialist in the 800m, mile and 1500m. 

In training, I have been playing around with off distances like the 600m, 1000m and 4 by 4 relays.  Things you are not used to running as often and it is cool getting different experiences. 

There is always a plan.  The coaches know it is going to be a long racing season.  I am fine with not racing now, because my indoor racing season will go from the end of January to April.  Then, we will have the outdoor season.  Also, this summer the NJ NY Track Club will be racing in Europe.

How has your training progressed?

It is more quality days, strength training and tapping into speed.  I am not concerned about over-training or getting burned out.  It is super early, I am just getting started.

I worked out by myself while running for Binghamton University.  Now, I am always working with people who push you.  There is no limit.  When you get to that point and you work out and think you want to give up, you have someone to push you. 


Outside of running, what have you been doing lately?

Working in a physical therapist office. I have a bachelor’s of science in Biochemistry from Binghamton University.  In the future, I would love to work in the Health and Wellness field.  


What types of sneakers do you wear?

It is great to have the opportunity to work with this company, HOKA.

CLIFTON 3’s.  Lots of cushion taller really thick and they add an inch to my height.  Very light 7-8 ounces.

Totally preference, really. I wear CLIFTON 3’s, for road running and light track stuff, but we also have trail shoes.

CHALLENGER ATR's, are great for running trails.  I have the 2nd and 3rd models.   They are light and very cushiony shoes. 

HOKA flats and spikes are really nice, their flats are my favorite.  The spikes are the lightest.  Out of all the flats HOKA ONE ONE TRACERS, are the best pair I have ever worn.  I wear those for tempo runs and longer interval training, like mile repeats.  Even light 400’s and 1k repeats.  I also have a pair of spikes, but those are more for the 5k.


What are your plans for the future?

My plan is to stick here and run through 2020.  Then, I will take a step back a reassess.   The intensity is so much higher than I have ever been used to, in terms of working out.  It is going to get more structured now.  I am getting so much stronger and I have only been here two months!

Photography and video, courtesy of Jesse Garn.

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Instagram: @jessegarn

Twitter:  @Jaygarn8


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