Dear Runner Lovers,

After racing marathons all through college, I ended up taking a break after finishing my undergrad last December.  Now, it has been a year.  This break was not my goal or plan, but I feel like it was a good idea letting my body rest after 100 mile training weeks and 26 mile races all these years. At times this year it was nice just doing my grad classes or going to work, and not worrying about fitting in running high mileage everyday.  

Technically, the body is not even full grown until the age of twenty-five, and the marathon puts so so so much stress on the body. Twenty-six-point-two miles is a lot of space to fill!  Sometimes, I wish I started doing the marathon distance later in life instead of in the teens, just because being younger makes you more susceptible to injuries like stress fractures. I am probably going to stop running marathons by the time I am twenty-five, in hind sight I wish I waited until twenty-five to start, but I am already committed! Running marathons is what I love.

I have been working with my coach, and this upcoming year I am really going to be focusing on running the marathon and half-marathon times that would make me feel good with this journey.  Hopefully between my fresh legs from the year off, techniques learned from years running this distance and my coach’s wisdom, everything will fall into place.  I am excited for this next chapter. I will be posting much more about training, pictures, and interviews.

Happy Running!

That Pretty Runner