Dear Runner Lovers, 

Today, I want to share a poem I wrote for one of my health and wellness classes.  All us girls in the class presented something we changed about our lifestyle during the semester to improve personal health and stress management.  I chose to use positive affirmations everyday, I bought a box of cards with a new affirmation for everyday.  Also, I kept a food journal to stay healthy, as well as making sure I stretched before and properly cool down after running to prevent injuries.  Writing a poem in romantic couplets was a fun and creative way to present my project.  Whilst reading the poem, I realized it turned out to be very long, and I started laughing standing up in front of the class rhyming for five minutes.  Luckily, we were all friends and laughing together, too funny!  Just a girl experimenting with rapping, it's fine.  My three math classes back to back, then off to health and wellness to read this fun poem, it lightened my mood that day.  I hope you enjoy this, take it lightheartedly, perhaps feel motivated to reflect on your running life, put yourself out there and write a poem too!

Happy Running, 

That Pretty Runner


Healthy and Happy


To be a happy runner, be healthy.

You want all your workouts to be stealthy.

Your body needs to be fueled and kept lean.

Coldly execute your split times, be mean.


Write in the journal about all your “flaws”.

Make some improvements, fight for your cause.

Write all that you think boldly on the wall.

Read it all, pray on it, and stand up tall.


Make obtainable goals to reach your peak.

You can reach all your goals every week.

All your ambitions may be, profound.

Striding towards that bright future you are bound.


Put on your Garmin going to the gym.

Breathing, relaxed, listening to a hymn.

Stretching for a cool down, touching your toes.

Love essential oils that smell like rose.


Meditate and stretch looking to the skies

Ignore inner-voices of doubt and cries.

Stay committed and improvements will show.

Keep positive thoughts, your smile will glow.


Stretch every time before you go running.

All these improvements are really, stunning.

Practicing stretching, an art you will master

Eat healthful food, you will run much faster.


Wake up early, do your work, seize the day.

Sticking to the schedule, time flies away.

That half-hour workout will have to suffice.

Go take a break, you have something to ice.


Accomplish your goals and then you dream bigger.

Obtaining your goals makes you a winner.

Write down in your log all that you ate. 

Replenish that long run and really hydrate.


Go run on a trail outside in the sun.

Then, log in your journal all you have done.

Stretching, stretch, stretching, stretch, practice those splits.

So close to reaching goals, don’t call it quits. 


On your mark get set go, and run a lap.

You’ll finish your marathon in a snap.

Pay attention, take care of your body.

First season without injuries, fondly.


Journal your thoughts, feelings and ideas in.

Organization, you’re in for the win.

Negative thoughts are growing much weaker,

Modeling, your brand new race-shorts and sneaker.


A happy runner must always look fierce.

On the line, with determined eyes that pierce.

A gun goes off and you are on fire.

Healthy and happy, reach goals you desire.