Dear Runner Lovers, 

I just want to share something to be cautious about as a runner.  Doing high mileage really impacts your body.  One struggle that I have had is feeling really sick, because of low potassium levels.  It was diagnosed by my cardiologist from an EKG.  There is a little notch in the t-wave, but it is not a big deal once you figure it out because everything goes back to normal after treating the issue.  This is a very common issue with athletes because we sparkle (sweat) so much, however I had a special cardiologist go over my EKG, so he knew what to look for in an athlete.  If all the sudden you are feeling dizzy, tired and having headaches the cause could be something little like potassium.   I just take vitamins every day.  Another thing all us marathoners should do, even if you feel healthy, go to a cardiologist and get a stress-test every few years.  That is my heart health tangent for today, just from personal experience.  

Another thing that is so important, is actually measuring out all the calories you burn in a workout.  I use my Garmin, or say 100 calories per mile I run.  For me, it is so important to replenish everything I burn off.  I know it is easy to not eat enough because you think just a bagel for breakfast, sandwich for lunch with a piece of fruit, and what all your friends are eating for dinner is fine.  It might be sometimes, but other times you need power bars, shakes and more snacks mixed in there.  Sometimes it helps to keep a journal of everything you eat with the calories, to make sure at that end of the day you break even with your caloric intake and workout.  No one wants to lose muscle mass! 

Calcium is another issue for runners and women in general.  I take two calcium vitamins everyday and so do my sisters.  Keep those bones happy and energy up!

These are some of the most difficult issues with marathons because it is just so much mileage, you need to take extra care of your body to stay healthy.  I hope this helps someone!

Today, was a snow day! I just walked over to the gym and hopped on the treadmill as usual.  It felt good to see my friends at the gym, and get a good workout in. 

Look at all this snow!!

Happy Running!

That Pretty Runner