Dear Runner Lovers,

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope everyone is feeling the love. 

Today started out great, I found out I got an A on my first test of the semester! Yay! After all my classes, I just did an hour on the treadmill and abs.  That workout it checked off my list.  To celebrate, I could not resist treating myself to a strawberry shortcake cupcake.  Yummy!


There was so much snow yesterday and there is supposed to be even more snow tonight! So crazy. 

I just ordered these two books.  The one on the left was recommended to me, so I know it will be wonderful.  I absolutely love love love, all of the poetry.  If you are looking for romance, mystery, Victorian-era, and poetry you should put Possession on your reading list.  When I finish this book, I will write more about it.

Then, shipping would be free if I spent a little more so I bought the light book on the right.  I secretly love Greek mythology and have never seen a version of Persephone's story in this light before, so it should be a fun read.

I decided I really want to try Gaynor Minden point shoes.  Since I am away at school and I cannot really go get fitted, I am trying their online fitting.  I traced my feet, a few times because I kept messing up, but eventually figured it out.  Then, I just filled out all the online information and sent it in with pictures of my feet.  We shall see how this works!  I think it is pretty cool that they can fit everyone online with foot measurements.  Another new thing I want to try is the PerfectFit pointe shoe inserts that mold to your toes.  There is so much new technology.  Very exciting.  Hahah, I just need to buy one thing at a time and not go too crazy!

I hope everyone is having a fabulous week!

Happy Running!

That Pretty Runner