Dear Runner Lovers,

The other night I went running around 7pm for ten miles.  I felt great in the moment but a few hours later I was really sick. 

I woke up in the middle of the night feeling shaky, sweating, heart racing, weak and looking grey with blue lips.  All I needed was a sugar hit, so I grabbed a Snickers from my purse and some Orange Juice.  That's literally what made my color come back.  Then, I was fine and went to my 8am class like nothing even happened! 

Sometimes, being a long distance runner, you feel like you ate enough for your mileage and actually did not.  Now I know if I run later at night, I need to eat dessert!  Here on out, I will sleep with candy under my pillow.  

I really eat every two hours during the day too, running just burns so many calories its hard to keep up.

I hope everyone always has candy and is ready for a great weekend!

Eat More candy,

That Pretty Runner

I truly appreciate your generosity and support towards reaching my fundraising goal for St. Jude, running the Mount Desert Marathon.