Dear Runner Lovers,

I am not going to talk about a specific event, just feelings and actions. 

We have all been through scary situations.  It is so hard to feel safe and have that sense of security back after the fact.  That feeling of fear, is the most difficult to overcome.  I asked myself, "How can I act like that never happened and move on?"  Unfortunately, it does not work that way because healing takes time.  However, there is always something to learn and changes to be made. Now I am always asking myself, "How can I be strong, safe and prepared?"  

Fortunately, I have discovered some things that make me feel better.  

Deep Breathing:  In through your nose, out through your mouth.  Get that oxygen to your brain, and relax.

  • This really works for me. Whether its a wave of fear, anxiety or whatever... this breathing technique brings me back. 
  •      I put my arms out, twist them, put my hands together, bring them to my chest, cross my legs and just stand there breathing.
  • Deep breathe everyday. 

Yoga and stretching: Yoga, stretching and deep breathing are three peas in a pod.  Taking that time in the day for yourself is so important. 

  •  I love stretching, it is my favorite.  Splits, touching my toes, stretching my back...  I am a happy girl after stretching.
  • Even if I'm not in a formal class, I grab my yoga mat and hold my favorite poses.  I love sun salutations.

Support System: I would be nowhere without my family and closest friends.  It is a blessing to have people you love who will always be there to help you, and vise versa. 

  • Stay connected.  I always tell a friend where I am going running and what time I will be back. I leave notes on my door, we're always texting.
  • Run with a buddy!

Be Aware of your Surroundings:  Look around you.  Who do you see? Is this a safe area? What time is it?  Is the suns glare too strong to run on the road right now? Can drivers see me? Is there black-ice? Dogs? Cell service?  

  • Never post online where you are running.  If I ever post about a specific location it is weeks after the fact.
  • Have one earbud out so you can listen for cars and people.
  • If you see someone sketchy, run on the other side of the road in the opposite direction. 
  • When a car pulls over, take three huge steps back to give them directions.
  • Know that not everyone thinks the way you do. 

Protect Yourself:  Self Defense Class is very helpful, its important to know the right way to defend yourself.

  • Learning the proper techniques to defend yourself makes a huge difference.  I learned so much being with a real instructor participating in actual demonstrations.
  • Run with a buddy.
  • I run with pepper-spray and a pocket knife in my sports-bra.

We need to know how to protect ourselves and feel safe.  I hope that sharing what helps me can help someone else.  It is just so important to be careful.  Please think about ways that will improve your safety.

Stay Safe,

That Pretty Runner