Dear Runner Lovers,

Today, I received an amazing product in the mail. I feel so lucky to have found this surfing the internet one night, because now I can feel a little more safe being out and about.  There have been times in the past, I really wish that I had this button. 

Wearsafe is every girls new best friend, everyone needs a button in their life.

The Wearsafe button is a new technology to call for help fast.   This device connects with the Wearsafe App downloaded on your phone, and contacts your closest group of family/friends by simply pressing the button.  Wearsafe, records sixty seconds of audio from before you press the button, and everything presently occurring for your emergency group-chat.  Then, your GPS coordinates are sent to your emergency group-chat, everyone can find you and call 911 directly from the app.  The button works within a 200 foot radius of your smartphone. 

The cool box my Wearsafe was mailed in, made me happy!

The set-up is easy!  I just opened it up with the key that doubles as a clip, found my activation code, put the battery in plus side up, closed it up, put on the clip and activated the device to the app on my phone.

You can clip the button on, or attach it to a key-chain.  Its very light weight.  Wearsafe comes in black and white.

The Wearsafe button is $5 a month for services. Totally worth trying.  Check it out:

My two big sisters are getting these for running, and going out to their car after work at night.  Personally, I am taking it all around campus, running trails or roads and everywhere.  Our parents love that we have these, especially the GPS feature.  Seriously, awesome.  

I hope everyone is having a fabulous week and running safely. 

Happy Running,

That Pretty Runner