Dear Runner Lovers,

Today, I went running for over five hours.  My legs are very tired, but its always worth putting in the hard work.  Especially, while fundraising for St. Jude running the Mount Desert Marathon.

My Garmin is my best friend for marathon training.  We have run everything together, the casual five miler, my first marathon, the others marathons, barefoot running on the beach in Florida, through the forests of Maine and I would literally be lost with my watch.  When you are going longer distances, all the miles blend together, its hard to know how far out you are, which is why the GPS is so vital.  Also, I love knowing my pace, because its hard to pace yourself for over 20 miles!

This is my workout from my Sunday Long Run:

During my long runs, I always eat gels or candy every 5 miles or 30-40 minutes, hahah whichever comes first! Then, I drink every 5-10 miles. Not too much, not too little.  Water is always my drink of choice, or blue Gatorade! Candy and Cliff Bars are the snacks that fit in my sports-bra pocket.

I always wear SPF 100 on my face and neck.  Even in the cooler fall months, because it is a long time to be outside.  I never run by myself without my cell-phone!

Today, was a mixture of trails and roads. I like to do a loop several times, so I won't be out in the middle of nowhere if something happened.  Having a little ankle trouble lately, I wrapped that up pretty tightly before running, and wore my knee-high compression socks.

Running long can be intimidating, but I feel like I am getting it down to a science after the past few years of being a marathoner.  It's all about living and learning from experience, knowing your limits is so important too.  This was a very far long run for me.

I hope everyone is having a fabulous Sunday!

Happy Running,

That Pretty Runner

I truly appreciate your generosity and support towards reaching my fundraising goal for St. Jude, running the Mount Desert Marathon.