Dear Runner Lovers,

So I sorta had a nasty wipe-out on a trail and sprained my ankle... It was literally huge and bruised blue.  For about two weeks I have been taking it easy.  The important thing is, now I'm fine so I will be going hard at my marathon training this weekend, hahah just not on a trail!

It hurt so much to move, I couldn't even drive for a week and a half... Then, one day I was walking back to my room after my classes were over and I felt like "I can keep going!" So I went to my car.  I put the keys in, assuming it would start, but it did not. Hahahah my battery died! The only thing I can do with my car is check the oil and coolant, so I went for help right away!

I walked over to campus security and the nice men working really tried to jump-start my car, it just needed more power.  I'm lucky they were there to guide me through this experience.

Thank god I have AAA!

This was the first time I ever actually had to use AAA. I called the number on the back of my card and a very nice woman helped me through everything.  Of course, my membership is in NY and I am in Maine right now, so we had to connect with everyone out of state.  She asked if I heard a clicking noise and I said yes....  We knew it had to be the battery for sure.

AAA sent me a text that in ten minutes someone would be there to save me.  A very nice man drove right to where I was parked all ready to jump-start my car.  Mason really knew exactly what to do!  At fist the car turned on, but it wouldn't move, so we had to jump it again.  The battery was all juiced up and I drove around for an hour afterwards.  He was all calm, cool, collected and helped me so much.  Now, I have a fantastic new mechanic in Maine!

That is my SAAB story. Now I know if I'm injured/sick to give a friend my keys so my battery doesn't sit still too long. At least I met a nice mechanic and now I know how to use AAA!  Everyone needs AAA, especially while out of state where Dad isn't there to fix everything wrong with the car.  WOW!

Tonight, I actually went on a nice long walk for a couple miles in my bean boots!  Tomorrow, I will try to run instead of doing elliptical! 

Happy Running! (for cars and people)

That Pretty Runner