Dear Runner Lovers,

My sister surprised me last weekend and we had a lovely time exploring the coast of Maine. Especially Kennebunkport!

One morning we went on the Scenic Lobster Tour! We thought about going out on a sail boat, but it was very choppy so we went for the larger ship.  There were seals, the men giving the tour caught lobsters, we went by the Bush's estate, where Taylor Swift filmed MINE, beaches, boats, and the ocean waves were spectacular. 

When we were at the ocean, this wave of pure joy hit.  Us girls could not stop smiling!  We even found a sand dollar! So perfect!

Videos of a sunset and finding little crabs we thought were shells!


I wish I took pictures of all of our seafood, but I have a few!  In Kennebunkport we went to a restaurant called Hurricane for dinner, we enjoyed yummy sangria and seafood.  Another night we went to the Portland Lobster Company and enjoyed overlooking the ocean whilst listening to live music.  We loved these bacon and bourbon scallops.  It was a weekend of deliciousness.

I loved seeing my sister so much.  We had such an amazing time.  I hope everyone else is having fun weekend adventures too!


That Pretty Runner