Dear Runner Lovers,


I am so super excited for Fall 2016!  Now that I am all settled in for my fall semester, there will be plenty of posts every week! My goal is to have a new interview every two weeks, and I will start posting about my running workouts every other day!  I'm running some very beautiful trails lately!

Officially, I am going to be running in the Mount Desert Marathon this October in Bar Harbor Maine, near Acadia!!! I have never been so excited, thrilled and so looking forward to running 26.2 miles.  Running by the ocean, yay!!

Still looking for a half marathon to throw in there, but something is sure to pop up!

It was so funny scheduling my GRE date and marathon date this fall.... hahah, harder than I thought it would be! Organization is so huge for me right now, I literally write down every half hour of my day in my agenda.  I would be so lost without my agenda!  Here's what my rest of running for the week roughly looks like:

  • Thursday: 10 miles and abs
  • Friday: 10 miles and abs
  • Saturday: 15-18 miles
  • Sunday: 20 miles
  • Monday: Rest Day- cross train/ swimming
  • Tuesday: 3 mile warm up, 4 mile Half-Marathon Pace, 3 Mile Cool Down + abs
  • Wednesday: 5 in the morning and 5 at night +abs

Fingers crossed it all works out that way!

Sometimes, I need to split up my mileage throughout the day to get it all in around working, studying and classes.  Ten miles is my favorite distance to run at school, because I run four miles down to a bridge overlooking a lake with mountains and then the cross country trail twice. Its perfect! Hahah, I just need to watch out for those roots on the trail that jump out of nowhere!

What's your favorite distance? How's marathon training going?

I hope everyone has an absolutely amazing day!

Happy Running!!

That Pretty Runner