Dear Runner Lovers,

Vacation on Oak Island with my family was the best thing ever.  I missed all my cousins, aunts and uncles. We met up every day for boogie boarding ginormous waves, bocce ball and beaching!

Every morning I went running to the piers on the left and right of us, and it felt amazing.  After breaking my metatarsals running barefoot on the beach last year, I made sure to always wear sneakers hahah.  I absolutely loved watching all the pelicans flying and picking up seashells. My Garmin was on my wrist all the time, because I never know how far I run on beaches, and always run wicked fast mile splits too early!   I made some friends while running... smiling, waving, and taking pictures for couples.   It is always worth rising with the sun on vacation to run.

At night time, my cousin and me went down to the beach looking for crabs with a little flashlight.  Then, we laid out a blanket to watch shooting stars and make wishes of course.  I always wish for love... The moon was gorgeous!  One night we even watched a lightning storm a few miles down the beach, very cool.   

I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer!!

Happy Running!

That Pretty Runner