Dear Runner Lovers,

The 2016 Boiler Maker 15k was the best ever! 

The Expo on Saturday was super fun with our running friends.  We drove to Utica, parked, found the free CHOBANI yogurt truck, and ran inside because it was pouring rain!  Then, we lined up to receive our race bibs before heading over to our swag bags.  I absolutely love the customized Saranac Boiler Maker 15k beer glasses in our race bags every year, they're my favorite.  Our group went to all the tables at the Expo.  We found a peanut butter station, sampled everything and bought some yummy sunflower butter.  This year my sister and me bought matching Boiler Maker hoodies we love, I went for blue and she went for green!

After hitting the Expo, we headed over to the Saranac Brewing Company and took the grand tour.  All the rooms were beautifully designed, there were stained glass windows, and all sorts of lovely details.  There was a prohibition era room with a secret opening in the door because everyone needed a secret password to enter for drinks.  We walked through the entire factory, and now I know how beer is made, wow!  My sister and me had about half a drink each, and then gave a nice group of guys our leftover drink tickets from the tour.  It was a good time.  We went to the Saranac Brewing Company gift shop and bought Hard Root Beer and Blueberry Beer.  Love it!

On race day, my sister and me ran together from start to finish in our matching spandex!  Every year we meet our friends at the intersection before the starting line, after being dropped off on the highway and walking over! There are so many people, it is outstanding.  Along the course we enjoyed live music, popsicles, sprinklers and lots of fun attractions. The entire city of Utica comes out to support all us runners, there are so many lovely volunteers at the water stations.  I high-fived a DJ at mile 7.  The music was so good we were running and dancing at the same time.  At mile 8 we ran into one of our friends we lost in the crowd, which was fantastic.  We all finished the race, received our finisher pins,  enjoyed chocolate milk and more popsicles!  One of our friends was running on the elite list and finished very fast, so we met up with the entire running buddy bunch celebrating at the Beer Party!  There is a different Saranac Beer every year for the celebratory Beer Party.  We were having an amazing time with thousands of runners!

I hope everyone is enjoying their summertime!  Happy Running!


That Pretty Runner

All of my Saranac Boiler Maker 15k glasses from running with my sister for three years!

All of my Saranac Boiler Maker 15k glasses from running with my sister for three years!