Dear Runner Lovers,

It is hard to believe that summer is almost here!  I just have all of my finals this weekend and Monday and then it's time to go home.  WOW. It is crazy, now that its almost over it feels like time flew by!

I am going to miss running the three mile loop around my college on repeat. It's just so pretty!!  I feel like I go to college at a resort, hahah!!  

Ahh, I don't want to leave! 

This summer is going to be awesome.... I am doing a half-marathon during a weekend glamping get-away with all my lacrosse girlfriends!! It's fun because always watch their games, and now they get to watch me run!!  One time, I took the train into Boston to see my friend play at Harvard, which was amazing.  I also met a boy on the train, so cliché but so fun!! Everyone needs to have that boy they meet on a train at some point in their life, hahah!  Over spring break I drove around everywhere in Upstate NY to watch the girls games!  I love lacrosse and miss it, but hopefully I will get really good at the marathon because of all my devotion to those 26.2 miles these past several years! Fingers crossed!

Today I ran 5 miles and now I need to study and kick butt on my finals!

Oooo, I also decided to enter an essay contest.  This summer I am writing a 50 paged paper.  The longest paper I have ever written was 35 pages on WWII, just take it 5 pages at a time ( it was an A paper)! There are so many books to read on that topic, even though my class was last semester I'm still reading. Last night I actually watched a WWII movie,Suite Française, it was great and the author and her daughters lives are very touching.  Anyway, I usually never do these essay contests my professor suggests, but I just think it will be nice project to work on.  Everything is due in December. 

I hope everyone is having a fabulous day!


That Pretty Runner