Dear Runner Lovers,

I feel so blessed, everything is really starting to come together. This year, starting my blog I honestly was unsure which direction it would go.  A part of me felt that sharing my entire running journey would be a good idea, and I love connecting with other runners.   I was so nervous about putting myself out there, but so many positives have come from this.  

This week, I reached out to all of my Bic Band Ambassador friends, and everyone wants to do interviews with me!  I am so HAPPY!!  I love sharing running journey's so much, we are all connecting and relating on a new level.  It is so special, I have this opportunity. 

Before I started this, I would be running up to twenty miles everyday and no one knew!  Which is fine, but a little lonely without any warm fuzzies... I have always been on a team of lacrosse players or runners, and switching gears to the marathon made things so different.  All of my practices were solo, instead of with my best girlfriends.  It feels amazing, talking about everything I am running towards!  So much better!

Thank you so much for reading my posts, I truly appreciate each and everyone of you.  I cannot even express my happiness with words.  We are having a power-week, so stay tuned for several pretty inspiring interviews coming out!! YAY.

I hope you are all doing well!  XOXO


That Pretty Runner