Dear Runner Lovers,

When I was home, my dad gave me a gift!  He really got me, hahah.... He gave me this card holder for a romantic, " Dinner for Two in a Canoe."  At first, I thoughtit was a weird gift to give me.  Then, I was really excited.  Who would I bring?!  After about five seconds, I realized it's probably a joke.  I opened up the holder and the real gift was a Runner's World Subscription. 

It is so funny, because my mom has to mail the magazine to me while I'm at college.  Every month!  I have the best mom.  She also sent me Coconut Chocolate Chip Cliff Bars! Yummy.

This girl is totally loving life right now!  Packages are the best! ( hahah yesterday... whenever I feel down, I just need to remember I'm not "jello"!)

I hope everyone is having a beautiful day!



That Pretty Runner