Dear Runner Lovers,

Tonight, I walked over to the gym in the snow, after watching a presentation.  It was actually very pretty!  Snowflakes, gently falling, and lit up only a little bit with the lamps... Even though it was slippery, I surprisingly loved the snow fall tonight!

Funny story, I lost my lock for my locker a the gym!  I looked everywhere, even thought about buying a new one... then, I found it on the locker I always use in the locker room.  Wow!! 

I just did the elliptical for an hour on 20 incline ad 20 resistance! Then, a little work on the row machine. I stretched in the sauna, and strongly recommend sauna stretching.  It feels so amazing.

Going hard at it today felt good.  My feelings are a little crazy right now with boy drama, uhhh.  My mom is so fantastic, she was watching the movie My Best Friends Wedding, and texted me, "You're not jello."  Extremely confusing at first, because I had absolutely no idea what she was talking about.  Then, it made me laugh so much I cried...  just one of those days.  Hahah, these moments we share.  Now, I need to watch that movie this weekend! 

Speaking of dessert... After exercising, I had the most delicious tiramisu cupcake!! That made me happy.

I hope everyone is having a fabulous week!  XOXO


That Pretty Runner