Dear Runner Lovers,

I thought that we were in the clear for Spring weather, but I was so wrong!! Snow just happened, look!  Uh no...

Nevertheless, I have been running!  To the sauna, out of the freezing cold!  I actually have been doing treadmill.  Even when the roads are clear, the air is too cold for this girl! Sometimes I can run with a scarf over my mouth in the freezing cold.  Does anyone else do that?

10 miles, on level six! Then over to the abs and weight sessions!  50 toe-touching sit ups, 100 normal crunches, plank, push-ups, arm-curls! Woah.


Can it please be summer, again?! I miss sunshine!


Snow, snow, everywhere....

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week!  Keep running! xoxo


That Pretty Runner