Dear Runner Lovers,

I am so proud of my sister Kim for finishing the Seneca Seven on Sunday!! 7 miles, WOW!  The team name is the Wine-osaur's, and they made these adorable dinosaur hats.  Kim is the pink one, of course!  She ran up a one mile hill, so impressive!

There are lots of wineries in Seneca, its a gorgeous location for a run.  You may also be familiar with the Seneca Falls Women's Rights Convention of 1848!

My sister Kimberly, is the one who actually made me want to become a runner. Looking back to the summer going into second grade, on a family camping trip to Lewey Lake in the Dad suggested for Kim to run cross-country in the fall.  Kim made the switch from soccer to running and never looked back.  That fall, I joined the Marcellus Elementary School Running Club, to be like my big sister! 

Years later,  I joined modified cross-country in 7th grade because she enjoyed running cross-country so much in high-school and DI at Saint Bonaventure University.  Every weekend, I went with both of my parents to all of her varsity meets and all the way to Allegany from Syracuse for some of her college meets.  During the summer, we always ran our five-mile block and through the Erie Canal Park together.  Now, we run the Boiler-Maker 15k every year!!  Running really makes my sister and I so much closer.  It's our special thing!

I hope everyone is doing well!


That Pretty Runner

Kimmy in the Pink with all of her running friends from work!


Boiler-Maker Pics! Yes, I have spandex on under my shirt.. hahah!

Indian Lake, across from Lewey Lake in the Adirondacks

Indian Lake, across from Lewey Lake in the Adirondacks