Dear Runner Lovers,

Today was 70 degrees outside and sunny!! Yay!! I wore a sundress to class and ate lunch outside with my friend.  We had lobster rolls ( with butter not mayonnaise) soaking up the sun by the water. It's finally sunny!!!

Then, I went runningseven miles on a trail down by the water.  It felt fantastic to get my tan on!  Oh yeah!!!

So, then I came back to my room, looked at my Instagram page and found this interview Alysia Montano, did with Amy Hastings Cragg after she won the 2016 Marathon Olympic Trials! 

Very inspiring, incredible, I highly recommend watching.  It is amazing to see how hard Amy has been working for all these years, and her Olympic Marathon dream coming to life.  This video will give you an inside perspective of what was happening throughout the entire 26.2 in February.  YouTube the race and watch her running the final stretch, that teamwork will make you cry!

They look like they are having so much fun running and catching up. I felt like I was at a party with their background music and fun drinks! I am excited to see what happens this summer!!

I hope everyone is having a fabulous week!!


That Pretty Runner